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Sean Michel Back To The Delta Live

Interview With Sean Michel

We first saw Sean Michel perform on American Idol when he auditioned with "God's Gonna Cut You Down."  However, that is not even close to who Sean Michel is as an artist.  We have seen him perform on numerous occasions and he is an unsanitized, gut-rock Delta blues musician. Sean Michel combines a a soaring voice, ripping slide guitar skills with a good guitar from a surprising number of alternatives and a fiery passion for God into a foot stompin', hip swingin', glory shouting Gospel party, … [Read More...]

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life in your way who i am

Essential Songs: Who I Am by Life In Your Way

I think that the genre of hardcore exists to act as a place where honesty can thrive. It allows the bands that play it to simply boil down everything to find the center of what they are trying to say. It is emotional, it is raw, and it is the truth for the bands playing. Life In Your Way gets this in a way Ive ever seen another band get it. This is hardcore declaration; so sing along and be free! This is who I am I’ll walk out this Kingdom, not as a duty, but an honor Now called a … [Read More...]

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