Christian Artists To Know: Jason Upton


Jason Upton
Genre: worship
Styles: eclectic, progressive, independent
Label: Key Of David
Website/myspace: Jason Upton
Christian label: yes
Category: The Spiritual whats this?

Known for his unorthodox worship songs and unwillingness to conform to any standard set forth by the Christian culture; Jason Upton is a worship leader that truly seeks God’s heart.  He has been singing in churches since he was 15, but didn’t begin to lead worship until after receiving his Masters in Divinity. During this time, Jason and his wife began to feel God giving them songs to share with the world.  Since then, Jason has devoted himself to truly seeking God through worship.  He has released over ten albums since 2000, many live, unrehearsed, and with no post-production. The experience created by the music is completely authentic, and the songs are passionate and emotional.

To say that Jason’s music is just worship really degrades the musicianship involved for his songs. Unlike a lot of worship music out there, Jason’s songs are layered, progressive, and constantly changing. He never really performs a song the same way twice, and the lyrics alter from time to time based on what God has for him to say. There is a true beauty in his songs that are not derived from guitar effects of multi-layered vocal tracks; but from a man that can truly communicate his passion through his voice, and most times his instrument of choice, his piano.  If Jason wasn’t a worship leader, he would most likely be giving the likes of Dave Matthews and Iron & Wine a run for their money.

here is Jason preforming “Lion Of Judah” :

Here he is preforming “Freedom” much earlier in his career (to a very spirited congregation):

This is truly an artist that we can’t describe the way he needs to be described. I was lucky enough to tour with Jason very briefly at the beginning stages of his career; and he changed my perception on what worship music could be. I have never met a man more willing to completely follow God in worship, nor one who at the same time could blow me away as a musician.  Jason’s lyrics are nothing short of prophetic, and his services are nothing short of life changing. It is THE only musical experience I have ever attended, worship, secular, entertainment, and so forth; where the audience refused to leave after the performer had walked off stage.  Jason Upton is truly a blessed guy.

You can find Jason Upton’s amazing music digitally on Jason Upton

You can also get his CDs on Amazon: Key Of David(2000), Faith(2001), Jacob’s Dream(2002), Dying Star(2002), Remember(2003), Trusting the Angels(2004), Great River Road(2005), Open up the Earth(2005), Beautiful People(2007), Between Earth & Sky(2007), 1200 Ft Below Sealevel(2008)


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