Christian Artists To Know: mewithoutYou

Genre: Rock
Styles: indie, progressive, experimental
Location: Philidelphia, PA
Label: Tooth and Nail
Website/myspace: mewithoutYou
Christian label: yes
Category: The Message whats this?

Hailing from Philadelphia, the five piece indie powerhouse known as mewithoutYou is a band like no other. Originally rooted in the hardcore scene, mewithoutYou‘s music has evolved and grown into a sound unique to only them in their short career. Combining elements of jam rock, prog, folk, a bit of hardcore, and the rant/sing/scream style of frontman Aaron Weiss; mewithoutYou craft musical journeys that beg repeat listens of their numerous songs long after the initial play.  Their music and lyrics depict heartache, joy, rage, confusion, curiosity, and above all, an ever growing relationship with God.

Started by Aaron and brother Michael (guitarist) early in the century, mewithoutYou has been on an ever changing quest to push themselves in their music, morals, and their faith.  Their latest effort, Brother, Sister, is the most widely diverse and lyrically focused album to date.  The band toured relentlessly on the album for over two years in their  40 foot 1976 MC8 Charter bus (which runs on vegetable oil none the less), and are now looking forward to their next album, due out some time next year.

here is mewithoutYou preforming a very toned down version of the song “O’Porcupine”

This is one of our favorite bands in the Christian music scene. Musically they are a step ahead of the rest, there just isn’t anybody that quite sounds like mewithoutYou.  Their shows are wild expressions of what you hear on the albums; with improvisation and experimentation making every show a unique and wonderful experience. Their faith and Christian walks shine through their faces; Aaron is never afraid to say what he is thinking, which sometimes leads to a bit of trouble for them in both the Christian, and secular markets. Despite this, they have been very well received, especially with tour mates who do not share their beliefs, such as The Blood Brothers, Brand New, and Sparta.

If you want a good example of what progressive rock is, listen to mewithoutYou. If you want a band that doesn’t follow the norm in any aspect of their career, check out mewithoutYou. If you want a live show that will make all others seem boring, go see mewithoutYou. Whatever your reason, check them out.

You can find mewithoutYou’s music digitally on Mewithoutyou

You can also find their CDs on Amazon: A to B: Life(2002), Catch for Us the Foxes(2004), Brother, Sister(2006)


  1. Evan says:

    I have to agree with Ian here, these guys are fantastic! I’ve heard them both in concert and in a more free-form environment, and in both cases they are Christ-praising, unique musicians who make a special effort to involve their audience in their music. I can’t speak highly enough about mewithoutyou, and hope you all get to have as much fun as I did with them at their potluck in Philly (what modern band does that…honestly! how cool is that!).

    With Love,



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