First Week For The One21 Music

What a week we have had! New blog, new myspace, new president; alot to handle for the week. We at the One21 want to say thank you for anyone who has shown us some interest this week, gave us a kind word, or simply prayed for us.

Like we have been saying alot on the myspace, this is just the first step; this blog is our thoughts on the current music industry, especially when it relates to Christians. We will talk about the stuff we like, how it got there, and were we think it is going. It will all be there, so stayed tuned!

Christians making music is important to us here, it is why we are doing this; but number one, this whole process is for you guys. We want to hear what you have to say. Suggest a band, tell us we are wrong, or help somebody else on the blog find their new favorite band.

Enjoy your weekend, there is alot to come next week, so get ready

God Bless

The One21 Music

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