Underground Chrisitian Music Saved Us

Parents of teenagers beware!  Your children will listen to the popular music of today. The values of today’s mainstream pop, rock, R&B and country artists will influence your children values and the messages of today’s music will help form your children’s attitudes.

At best those values rest on the unstable foundation of self worth and at worst the messages of misogyny, self loathing and despair will permeate your kid’s world view.

Do not despair because there is a world of music that your kids will like, performed by popular musicians who are infused with the confidence, hope and faith of Jesus Christ.  We are creating One21music to help you and your kids find this wonderful music that reinforces our values.

Please read about my journey…

You can only imagine my thrill, as a lifelong music junkie, when my 12 year-old son started sitting with me to go through my music collection (1500 LP’s and 2,000 CD’s).  When the roar of Nirvana and the squeal of Smashing Pumpkins wafted from his room, I smiled.

However, as my 13 year-old turned into a 14 year-old, my influence over his musical tastes, values and friends began to waver.  He had turned to the harder, darker music of Limp Bizkit, Korn and The Deftones. His new found friends were on the edge, and sometimes beyond, of trouble.  He became sullen and distant.

We turned to our Church and very quickly Christ stepped into his life.  A wonderful period of growth ensued for our entire family.  My son embraced his faith, made new friends and eased back into our life.

However, the Christian music community failed him.  The music thrust on him as a passionate teenager was bland and did not deal with the real life challenges of being a 14 year boy in the late 20th century.  We could see the conflict in this new believer that was being bombarded with the anger and confusion of the lost musicians he was listening to.

So I, being a music fan myself, began a quest to find music that my son would embrace and encourage the burgeoning value system of a new believer.  I spent hours scouring this new frontier called the Internet and searched magazines for signs of faith in popular musicians.  I hit the mother lode with a small Christian bookstore that had a vast selection of edgy Christian music and a listening station.

I spent many lunch hours sampling the music.  I struggled to reconcile my faith with the industrial roar of Chatterbox, but I was excited to discover the revival of ska with the Supertones.  I bought a lot of music.  My son liked some of it.

When we found P.O.D. and he found ZAO, we had broken through.  You could see the change in him as the negativity of mainstream music was replaced with the transcendent hope and joy of believing musicians.  The music was as hard and in many case harder than the popular heavy music of the day, but the believers exuded a palpable joy that enveloped my son.

As my son and I pursued this deep underground music scene we discovered the great pop music of Sam Phillips, the funky R&B of Nicole C. Mullen, the exciting rock of Underoath and mewithoutyou and the challenging electronic music of Andy Hunter and Scott Blackwell.  We simply discovered truly great music, of all genres, written from a foundation of hope and faith.  We shared this music and we saw God use this music to touch people’s hearts.

This is vibrant, edgy music written and performed by talented musicians who are pursuing their craft and are committed to their faith.  Because they are free from the pursuit of wealth and fame, their music is honest and true.

We are creating One21music (the music of Christ in the 21st Century) to make your quest easier.  We love this music and we believe these musicians deserved to be heard.  When you are in Best Buy browsing the cd racks we want you to know which of these artists share your journey.

If we can help one of you save your teenager, as P.O.D. helped me save mine, I will be overjoyed that God handed this task to us.

We are bootstrapping this endeavor so it may take a while to fully develop, but please stay with us.  Comment on our articles so that we know what you are thinking and we can keep you informed.  Keep reading our blogs so that we know you are behind us.  Pray for us and we will be fortified.


  1. Michelle says:

    Hey this is a Great Article. My Daughter is also 14, and we have been dealing with this same issue..Our church did help us however. She liked Rap music, don’t ask me why? We have found the best alternative to Rap. Here is a sample web link for Lecrae..He is awsome, even her mom has started to like some of this..well sort-of..=)

    http://www.ilike.com/artist/Lecrae –one of my favorites ones here is ———-

    Send Me/Represent . It sayes, ” Get Crunk” at first I was like what does that mean,??? any teen can tell you that it means get CRAZY..Not what us parents would think it means. ” Represent, get crunk..if you know you are repen’ Jesus, go ahead and throw it up..” Crazy love for Jesus. Throw your hands up..lol. The kids love this. Another one that is good is T-Pain, and Hawk Nelson is my all time favorite for her to listen too. Here is their Link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgqC24I_7Zc.. Awesome Blog..Thank you, Thank you from all us uneducated parents. I will pass on. I will be in prayer for you all I can also give you more suggestions if you need more let me know.

  2. Chuck says:

    Michelle, thank you for the comment. Our quest is to make it easier for Church’s to help. Check out my partner’s article about the free MP3 album from Cook and Uno. I am enjoying it as I write this. These guys are part of L.A. Symphony, one of the groundbreaking Chrisitan rap goups. One of their fellow bandmates, Pidgeon John, is one of the hottest underground rap artists on the scene today. He just completed a must see set at last year’s South by Southwest music festival. Get your daughter to download it, it is easy.

    Lecrae is an apprentice of Ambassador, the leader of another great Chrsitian rap groups, The Cross Movement. Think the WuTang Clan for Chrisitians

    The primary reason for responding to your post was Lecrae’s lyric “Get Krunk” which reminded me of the movie Rize. This documnetary about “krumpning” made me smile for days. It is the story of a dance movement in L.A. that grew, with roots from the Church, as a repsonse to the crushing gang activity in those neighborhoods. It is two hours for great music, amazing dancing amd wonderful stories about real life heroes.

  3. Anne says:

    I’m excited to have found this website! Josh Garrels – my newest FAVORITE, by far, Christian artist – posted a link to it on his Facebook page, so I decided to follow up. This is a great resource! I’ve been a believer for only 12 years (I’m early 40′s now) and have always loved music, but I had to get rid of a lot of what I had when I became a believer due to the conviction that it no longer suited my identity. (i.e. Nine Inch Nails, for one). Since then I’ve pretty much subsisted on whatever I hear on the radio, which hasn’t impressed me too much. But, lately, I’ve been reconnecting to the music I love and am finding some good threads. And NOW….well, I’m excited to take a listen to what you have here.


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