Christian Hip-Hop Video Of The Year

It barely made it on to the scene this year, but hip-hop artist KABOOSE’s video for the song “Goin’ Outta Control” made its way on to you tube last week.

The track comes off of his latest CD with Syntax Records, called Excuse Me. KABOOSE has only been in the Christian hip-hop scene for a short time, but is already making a big name for himself. The video is a fun, bouncy mix of flash animation depicting not only the graphic design elements of his album artwork, but also illustrates the lyrics to the song as they are being said. According to his record label, he is their highest selling artist to date, and with quality videos like this, we don’t think it is going to stop anytime soon.


First Runner-Up: Ambassador- Gimme Dat!

Ambassador is one of the founding members of the foundational Christian hip-hop super group, The Cross Movement. He and his partners have been dedicated to their ministry of using hip-hop to reach people since the mid-nineties, and his latest album The Chop Chop: From Milk To Meat is another solid testament to his talent and devotion to his ministry. The song and video deal with the idea of letting God determine what is good for you, and being satisfied with the things He gives us. Note at the end of the video when the men in suits, that were happy to eat what was in front of them, were rewarded with so much more….


  1. [...] Christian Hip-Hop Video Of The Year [...]

  2. [...] Christian Hip-Hop Video Of The Year [...]

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