Christmas; A Season of Blessings

Happy Christmas

It is 6:30 a.m. on Christmas Eve and I am blissful.  I celebrate the birth of Christ every day, so these next few days are not unique for me in that way. But every year at this time I am overwhelmed with a sense of peace, joy and gratitude.  I am grateful that God has provided for us a time to pause and reflect on the true, enduring gifts he has given to us.

Whether you know Jesus as God, as your personal savior, or not, this weekend is a time to celebrate a history changing event.  We celebrate the birth of a man who, in three years, rocked the world.  Jesus was a man who taught such a profound message of love, peace, charity, community and humility that the entire western civilization has been built on his principles.  The ideals he proclaimed are so fully ingrained in our culture that we cannot fathom a world where Jesus’ teachings are not the standard by which all actions are judged.

Jesus was, at the bare minimum, the greatest man who ever lived.  If that is all you can grasp of Jesus, celebrate his message this weekend.

Of course, many of us know Jesus as so much more than just the greatest man who ever lived.  If you know Jesus as God and as savior, I encourage/ challenge you to celebrate him every day with this same intensity of joy and love.

Some of you are entering this season with someone missing from your life.  You may even be alone.  I have not experienced that, so I cannot imagine what this weekend is like for you.  I do pray that in the stillness of the next few days, you can open your heart to God’s presence.  You may be mourning, but I know you are not alone.

Most of the world enters this year’s holiday with some level of financial angst.  Many of us have seen our financial security blanket shrink and we are unsure of what is to come.  Some come into this holiday without work or facing the fear of losing a job soon. I have been there.

It was not long ago that our family went through the holidays without a job, without much cash and with no prospects.  It was one of our best Christmas’s ever. We truly experienced a Christmas miracle.  We were able to provide our children some gifts, which they loved.  We were even able to provide Christmas, gifts and a Christmas dinner, to another family.  Most importantly we were able to experience God moving in our lives.

In these troubled financial times, please remember that God has promised to provide your needs.  Close your eyes to what the world says you need and fall back into God’s arms to receive his blessing.

We at One21music wish you and your family the most joyous of holidays.  We will check back in next week.

Merry Christmas; Peace on Earth

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