Christian Artists To Know: The Ambassador

The Ambassador
Genre: Hip-Hop
Sub-genres: Gospel, East Coast
Location: Philadelphia, PENN
Label: Cross Movement Records
Christian Label: Yes
Category: The Spiritual whats this?

In 1997, a group of friends with a passion for hip-hop and sharing the gospel released an album called Heaven’s Mentality. It combined the hard-hitting sound of East-Coast style hip-hop with grounded theology.  The songs were in your face, passionate, walked the hard line of true hip-hop and true evangelism. The group was called The Cross Movement, and the CD was the beginning of a career that has seen the release of seven albums for the group, and over twenty from the individual members.  They have expanded to creating a label under the same name, and Cross Movement Ministries was founded shortly after that.  At the center of this group is a talented and dedicated emcee calling himself The Ambassador.  Armed with style that could rival the word smith prowess of the likes of Eminem, The Ambassador brings a talent and creditability to the Christ-centered hip-hop scene that just hasn’t been seen before.

On his own, he has released three albums, along with the seven or so with The Cross Movement. His songs deal with modern society’s relationship to Christ, how to be relevant in a irrelevant world, and lays out the salvation story like no other through his lyrics.  He is one of those guys that when he pops up as a guest on a song, you know it within the first second he begins to lay his verse out, because know one can quite match him.  His lyrics are dense, and full intense imagery and metaphor. His style tip-tows on the sound of mainstream hip-hop, but yet still is able to not just haplessly fall into musical trend after musical trend.  He is not only a great emcee, but also a true artist, and a  man seeking God’s heart.  One minute of listening to songs like “It Was Love”, “Gimme Dat”, or “A Girl Named World”, and these atributes are very eveidant.

A few weeks ago we posted The Ambassador‘s latest video for his song called “Gimme Dat!”. Here he is preforming the same track in LA. Sorry about the quality, these guys stay pretty low budget..

Here is also an interview with the man himself, talking about some of the struggles he has gone through and how he got to this point in his life.

I have the utmost respect for this guy. He is the first Christian hip-hop I ever saw live, and I have been a bit spoiled on it ever since.  Lyrically, I just dont know many people that can stand up to him, and centainly not many guys in the game have his track record.  He has done so much with his passion it is just great to see him contnue, year after year, to produce great things in this industry.  Lately, his focus has been on his Theological degree, but he has found time to mentor up and coming Christian hip-hop superstars, such as one of ur new favorites, Lecrae. We all hope he is around for a very long time.

You can find all of The Ambassador’s incredible music digitally on The Ambassador

You can also get his CDs on Amazon: Christology In Laymen’s Terms(2000), The Thesis(2005), The Chop Chop: From Milk to Meat(2008)

Also check out The Cross Movement’s stuff on The Cross Movement

You can also get their CDs on Amazon: House Of Representatives(1999),Human Emergency(2000), Holy Culture(2003), Higher Definition(2004), Chronicles: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1(2006), History: Our Place in His Story(2007)

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