Free MP3 Album: Kaboose- Bits & Pieces Mixtape

Hey there, remember a few weeks ago when we posted our favorite Christian hip-hop video for 2008? Remember it was this guy on Syntax Records named Kaboose? Remember how you liked it , right? Well then you are going to love us, because we have his brand new mixtape, Bits & Pieces, here for your listening pleasure. Oh, yea, and it’s free. Are you starting to notice a pattern here? We suggest an album, put a big picture up in the post, and magically it’s free…

We love new music, and when it’s free, that’s a better deal, don’t you think? Click on the link below, download the ZIP file, then extract the files, and the mixtape is now yours. Tell us what you think.

Download Kaboose: Bits & Pieces Mixtape

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