American Idol Season 8, Round 2 Results Show

To channel Randy Jackson, “I don’t know dawg, American Idol Season 8 is a little weird for me. “  Last night was pretty bad.  What is up with these ultra talented singers picking these bad songs?  I know these guys can sing, I heard them. Some of it can be attributed to the big step of these inexperienced performers stepping onto that stage for the first time, but that does not account for those songs.

One21 Music is covering Christian music artists competing on American Idol Season 8.  Last night Matt Giraud, Mishavonna Henson and Kris Allen performed on the second installment of the semi finals.   Front runner Matt Giraud fumbled his position as one of the favorites by unsuccessfully wrestling with” Viva La Vida”.   Mishavonna and Kris were near the top of last night’s performances for me but their performances were not thrilling enough to overcome their lack of face time in the auditions and Hollywood Week.

To recap my predictions

Top guy: Adam Lambert

Top girl: Allison Iraheta (if there is any justice)

Next top:  I don’t know.  It could be any of five (Mishavonna, Kai, Kris, Meagan, Nick)

So as Ryan says lets get to the votes.

Top girl: Allison Iraheta prevails over Jessica Langseth and then sings “Alone” again, showing  comfort on the stage beyond what you expect from a 16 year-old who had just made it to American Idol Season 8′s Top 12.  She certainly handles it better than her mother who may need to be hospitalized sometime during the season if this continues.  Oh, and yes she can sing.  Note to Adam Lambert: Watch how she belts the big note but does not over sing and does not act out the song.  She is the best girl to perform so far.

Top guyAdam Lambert wins out over Nick Western.  Congratulations to the next Sebastion Bach.  Can we see Norman Gentle just one more time?  To give Adam his props, he has a tremendous voice.  Congratulations, Adam.

Next Highest: Kris Allen made it through what a well deserved surprise.  I guess America likes interpretive depth over histrionics.  He recreates “Man In the Mirror”  but I think he is genuinely surprised.  It takes him tome to get into it, but finishes well.  Yeah, Kris!  Way to go, you 25 million voters.

We now have three Christian performers through to the Top 12: Kris Allen, Michael Sarver and Danny Gokey.

So, Matt and Mishavonna did not make it through.  I certainly hope they get a shot at the “Wild Card” show but I don’t know.   My final thoughts on the American Idol “Wild Card” is that I hope that Nick Western gets through for calling Simone “sassy pants”.

An aside, Brooke White performed her new single and it was very nice.  Off to iTunes everyone, this song is what we expected of her as an artist.

The last group to perform next Tuesday is now easy to figure out.

Christian Performers we are following on American Idol:

  • Kristen McNamara
  • Felicia Barton
  • Scott MacIntyre

The remainder of the Final 36 on American Idol’s Season 8:

  • Alexander Wagner-Trugman
  • Arianna Ayesha Afsar
  • Jorge Nunez
  • Junot Joyner
  • Kendall Beard
  • Lil Rounds
  • Nathanial Marshall
  • Taylor Vaifanua
  • Von Smith

Best wishes to them all!

Join us next Tuesday, March 3rd as we live blog American Idol Season 8.


  1. on my original blog I had the 3 right. In an onpool contest at funofficepools i changed Kris to Matt G because of that dialidol thing..shame on me! I was just happy to see either Matt or Kris go through! Next week I’m sure Lil rounds will go in the cleanup..or last spot. They need at least one black singer and she’s a great one..though I think she oversings at times. Usually the black singers have a gospel or church choir background but haven’t heard any connections so far. After LIi I think our three Christians can nab two of the other spots! I also like arianna from that group.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the input on my site as well!

  2. Chuck says:

    I am very happy Kris made it through. I think he deserved it. I hope Matt and Mishavonna go to the Wild Card. I thnk Matt is a lock to go, but I am worried about Mishavonna and U like her best of all the women who have not made it to the Top 12.

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