Christian Artists To Know: The Fray

The Fray
Genre: Rock
Sub-genres: Pop Rock, Alternative, Atmospheric Rock
Location: Denver, CO
Label: Epic Records/Sony BMG
Christian label: No
Category: The Message whats this?

Chances are that if you have been listening to a radio or watching network TV over the last two years you have heard The Fray.  Since their breakout album How To Save A Life hit stores in 2005, the band has been everywhere. Most notably, the title song from the CD is the theme music for ABC‘s doctor dramedy Grey’s Anatomy, but the band has also produced handful of other hits, and have also been nominated for a Grammy.  The band’s success has been deeply rooted in strong song writing and deeply passionate lyrics, full of remorse and hope as lead singer Issac Slade belts over the band’s well crafted atmospheric piano pop.

From the beginning, The Fray have been reluctant to categorize themselves a Christian band, despite the fact that nearly the entire band’s background is in worship music and church.  However, after a few minutes with their songs, their faith bleeds through in a intelligent and thoughtful manner not lost on those who know where the band is coming from.  Slade has said that he believed that God could use him to touch more people if his lyrics could be discerned by believer and lost alike, allowing The Fray to play for audiences that might have apprehensive of an overtly evangelical message.  The resulting sound is something much more passionate than most of the band’s peers, but something a bit more progressive than many similar bands in the Christian music scene.

The best way to explain The Fray‘s sound is to simply just let you experience it for yourself. First up we have the song that made them famous, “How To Save A Life”.  The song apparently is an account of a late night counseling session at a youth camp which took place between lead singer Issac and a troubled youth.

this next video is of their brand new single “You Found Me” off of their new CD The Fray.

The Fray just have something special. Passion and substance rule their music in a genre that has become full of emptiness and despair. The Fray are doing what only a choice few have been able to do, and appeal to a vast audience without compromising their faith. With lyrics that inspire change and thought along with strong songwriting and original songs, the band is deserving of the success they have achieved in their short career.  The Fray will most likely continue to find success with the release of their second album, The Fray, this week, so the future will remain bright for this group of humble guys from Denver.

You can find all of The Fray’s music digitally on The Fray

You can also find their CDs on Amazon: Reason EP(reissued EP from 2004), How to Save a Life(2005), The Fray(2009)


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