Christain Artists To Know: Impending Doom

Impending Doom
Genre: Metal
Sub-genres: Deathcore, Doom Metal, Mosh
Location: Riverside, CA
Label: Facedown Records
Christian label: yes
Category: The Spiritual whats this?

The metal scene in the Christian music industry is a strange place.  The brutality required to be effective in the genre usually does not lend to the message of hope and redemption found in most Christian music.  To counteract this, Christ-centered metal and hardcore bands have been handed the task of exploring new areas of the Christian faith in an effort to let the words of their songs match with the abrasive music behind it.  Many bands are not up to the task, and quickly sputter out due to irrelevancy.  Then there are those who have the skill and ability to not only play the music, but can take on such issues like warfare for our souls, the Lord’s judgment, and the end of times. One of those such bands is California’s Impending Doom.

Formed in 2005, Impending Doom has taken Christian metal in a direction few thought it could go, into the depths of such genres as Doom metal, Black metal, and the heavy scene’s new spin-off, Deathcore.

Before I continue, for those that are not in to metal or hardcore, I know these terms and genres seem a bit…evil. Let me assure you that while Impending Doom do play an impressive blend of punishing metal with sprinkles of heavy mosh hardcore, the band’s hearts are right where they need to be.  Impending Doom is completely a ministry band.  Unique in their genre because nobody in the Christian scene plays as heavy as these guys, but nobody in secular market has lyrics like these, full of authenticity and substance.

Trying to describe Impending Doom‘s sound is tough, especially for those who are not used metal as a genre.  Imagine a freight train, on rusted track, being pulled by a thousand hungry bulls; chugging along with rhythm, but with a spark of chaos and pain always present (this is just imagery folks). Now add on top that lyrics that are full of warning, urgency, and repentance.  That is close to what Impending Doom might sound like. In truth the band combines musical elements that only secular bands with messages of gore, rage, and false prophecy have wielded.  Unrelenting Death Metal with tuned down chug Hardcore.  Lyrically, Impending Doom is able to steer the direction away from utter despair to a understanding of God’s plan for the world and us as sinners.

Here is Impending Doom‘s video for the song “My Nemesis” of their 2007 CD Nailed.Dead.Risen. The song deals with the vocalist’s struggle with overcoming sin and the one who brings it (that’s the devil folks).  For those that don’t speak “metal”, I am posting the lyrics so you can see what I’m talking about.

I’ve felt his presence, I’ve heard his whispers,

slithered inside me, he’s crowded my mind.

Poisoning, Haunting, Deceiving, he has a burning desire for my soul,

an enemy who takes all control.

he hates everything I am, he hates everything You are,

in the Almighty Savior’s name.

I hope I scare the hell out of you.

and you’ll crush the head of the one strangling you,

from breathing the breath of life,

the one who blinds you from seeing heaven and the Father reaching for you,

this creature is-is dead to me, bowing before-bowing before my God,

He has made you my footstool.

Reach for the Father, who’s reaching for you.

Impending Doom can be a hard band to get in to.  Even for fans of heavy music, these guys definitely push the borders of what people can withstand.  What is so great about them though is that they are innovators in their scene. They have taken a style of music that has only been used to invoke imagery of violence and darkness and created a new way to worship. This band is highly respected in both the Christian and secular markets alike, which is very unusual. Bands of faith in this scene are usually shunned by the general market.  However, many of Impending Doom‘s secular counterparts openly support them, despite their faith-based message. The only way to explain it is that God is using this band to reach a whole new set of fans, desperate to receive the message of Christ, even if they don’t know it.

Impending Doom’s music can be found digitally on Impending Doom

You can also buy their CDs on Amazon: Nailed. Dead. Risen.(2007), The Serpent Servant(2009)


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