Christian Artists To Know: Brooke Waggoner


Brooke Waggoner
Genre: Pop
Styles: Indie-Folk, Progressive, Singer/Songwriter
Location: Nashville, TN
Label: SwoonMoon Music
Christian Label: No
Category: The Light whats this?

There is a fine line in music that few can walk.  This line is the one that separates the familiar from the new. The easy from the difficult.  The lite from the dense. The accessible from the talented.  Most artists crumble under the pressure of trying to stay on this line. On one hand they want to be creative and innovative. On the other, they want people to be able to get into their music, to be accepted.  Most go one way or the other, some never find either extreme.  In the hands of a capable and talented artist however, this line is walked with seemingly effortless execution, understanding, and depth.  One of these such artist’s is Louisiana born turned Nashville native Brooke Waggoner.

At only 23, and with only one EP and one full-length LP under her belt, Brooke Waggoner has carved a musical niche’ envied by musicians twice her age.  Long before  receiving degrees in music and composition, Brooke had played music since she was very young ( before age 10).  Once she hit college, her aspirations of just simply writing  faded, replaced by a new love of live music and performing.  After relocating to Nashville, her first EP entitled Fresh Pair Of Eyes was released in 2007.  On the surface, Brooke appeared to fit in to the piano-girl pop scene with Vanessa Carlton and others like her.  It does not take long, however, to realize that Ms. Waggoner is miles ahead of her peers. Deep and soulful lyrics company with dense and beautiful piano/folk arrangements in a impressive display of song writing prowess. In 2008, Brooke released her first full-length, Heal For The Honey, to critical acclaim.  Patrol Magazine named it “Best Faith-Based Album Of The Year”. The LP was a natural extension of the EP, but with new shades of indie rock and pop progression. All these sounds come together in a gorgeous display of balance and patience, giving listeners a lot to love in Honey‘s eleven tracks.

Brooke’s sound stems from a desire to wear her influences on her sleeves.  Her weapon of choice is the piano, but her song writing abilities extend far beyond that.  Where most performers in this genre hire writers to compose this and that for their songs, Brooke has her hand in every aspect of her music. Including the string arrangements found on Fresh Pair Of Eyes.  Her lyrics are full of whimsical joy, but with tinges of sadness and thought.  Every song seems to be a look inside but not so much that the listener cant see a little of themselves. The music lends itself in every way to the lyrical directions of the songs, letting the softer melodies remain, but also allowing the more progressive elements shine. As with every aspect of her art, the sound is creative without exclusion.  Easy to understand without dumbing down.  So many descriptions can be written, but two seem the most obvious and natural. Beautiful and talented.

Its just one of those things you have to see for yourself

Brooke Waggoner is our quickest hear-her-for-the-first-time-must-to-tell-people-about-her conversion. Artists like Brooke are the type that you might have gone through your entire life without hearing about, especially in the “Christian music” circles. However, those same artists are the ones you cant think of what you would do if they weren’t in your collection after you hear them.  The classics you never knew were there.  We highly recommend Brooke to fans of any music, because you wont be disappointed. Stop reading this and do yourself a favor, go listen to Brooke Waggoner right now!

Oh yea, you can. You can buy Brooke Waggoner’s music on Brooke Waggoner

HEY, I almost forgot! Click on the link below to get the Fresh Pair Of Eyes EP for free after you sign up for her mailing list. How much better can it get?

Get Fresh Pair of Eyes EP by Brooke Waggoner for free


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