Christian Artists To Know: RedCloud

Genre: Hip-Hop
Sub-genres: West Coast, Underground Hip-Hop, Freestyle
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Label: Syntax Records
Christian label: Yes
Category: The Message whats this?

No one can say that they have a niche’ like LA resident , RedCloud. He is part Mexican, part Native American, grew up on the hard streets of LA, and now he spends a lot of time on reservations all over the US. He is an undoubtedly talented emcee, having released four albums in the last eight years, along with being featured on countless others and also holding a few awards for his freestyling abilities.  His music is a mixture of unbridled truth, slapstick comedy, and head spinning word smyths. He holds a black belt in Chinese Kempo. Oh yeah, did I mention he is an ex-gang member who is totally in love with the Lord?

It can truly be said that RedCloud is in a realm all to himself. Since 2001, he has been fascinating audiences with his strange brand of gospel gangsta rap. Taking elements from the diverse world around him, RedCloud has been unapologetic about the type of music he creates or his faith since day one. His lyrics are intricate, weaving words together like a fine tapestry. His voice bobbles in and out of the beat as his major lyrical point never loses focus, and hits you straight in the face every time. Armed with his long time buddy DJ Wise, RedCloud has created a library of intense and diverse tracks that continue to impress new fans every time.

Even in the world of Christian hip-hop, RedCloud is very unique. While the majority of his songs deal with issues of the heart and faith, there are an equal amount of tracks that deal with other aspects of his life; such as his martial arts background, and his love for a hot sauce named Tapatio.  There are many times in his music where you are not sure if you should be listening closely or laughing.  Some of his other songs on the other hand are deeply intense, dealing with issues like the passing of his father to heroin, his salvation from the gang life he had known since a young boy, or the prejudices that come with his blended ethnicity.

Whatever the subject matter, RedCloud delivers with intense precision and skill. Often times he gets compared to Eminem for his vocal delivery, but Slim will never be able to touch this LA local on core subject matter and delivery.

For most people that have been listening to RedCloud from the beginning, they would say that the title track from RedCloud‘s independent CD Is This Thing On? was a highlight.  This comedic ode to being an underground Christian emcee has a little country twist to it that made it a standout track on the CD. Pay special attention to the second verse where RedCloud outlines what he would do to the devil if he ever met him face to face.

Of course we had to post the video of his collaboration with long time friend Pigeon John about their mutual affection for the hot sauce Tapatio.

Man I love me some RedCloud. This dude is one of a kind, a great guy for God and a killer emcee.  When I am writing these Artists You Should Know posts, I try not to just write a history lesson, but if you get a chance go find this guy’s testimony.  It is a true story of God taking the worst of the worst and doing some amazing stuff.  These posts that we do are our effort to express to you the diverse body of talented and unique artists that make up the Christian music landscape.  RedCloud is one of those artists; truly original, and truly sold out for God.

You can find Redcloud’s music digitally on RedCloud

You can also get his CDs on Amazon: Is This Thing On?(2001), Traveling Circus(2003), Hawthorne’s Most Wanted(2007)


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