Christian Artists To Know: Wovenhand

Genre: Rock
Styles: Alternative, Alt-Country, Post-Rock, Industrial, Folk Rock, Goth
Location: Elktooth, Colorado
Label: Sounds Familyre
Christian label: yes
Category: The Spiritual whats this?

Imagine yourself lost in the damp, dark backwoods of West Virginia, the light slipping away and you come upon an exiled fire and brimstone preacher fighting his demons by a dim flickering fire by mumbling songs, wild eyed, with a deep baritone on top of a droning banjo.  That is where Wovenhand’s music takes you.

Since his days with Sixteen Horsepower, David Eugene Edwards, has led his fans, count me as one, into the deep, dark center of Christian music.  This is a music where the characters vividly wrestle with temptation and confront their own selves face to face and realize their rescue comes from above.  A music where groaning organs and banjos and bass drums drone on through the march into, and out of, the dark side.

The Wovenhand website describes their sound as music from the old world, the new world and another world.

If that sounds scary and gothic, it is a little.  Wovenhand’s music has been described as creepy, intensive, Appalachian, gothic, folk, chilling, compelling, brave, unique, beautiful, and mesmerizing.  It is all of that.  But it also filled with truth and hope as in this lyric from Ten Stone’s “Quiet Nights of the Quiet Stars”, -”I who was lost and lonely, believing life was only a bitter tragic joke/Have found with you the meaning of existence, oh my love.

Experience the live sound of Wovenhand performing “The Speaking Hands”


David Eugene Edwards, whom NPR described as an artist with a fresh ear, rails against Christianity gone astray. “The church that I grew up in was a Nazarene church, which started in Texas in the ’30s. Women couldn’t wear makeup, they didn’t wear pants, you couldn’t wear red, you couldn’t go to the movies, you couldn’t drink, you couldn’t play cards-all these rules that man makes up out of fear of losing his salvation, basically. And each different denomination has its own set of rules that it lives by, which has brought me to the point where I don’t belong to any organized religion. And I don’t believe in any of them, although I do believe in the true church, and I believe in the Bible, what man has tried to make of it for his own purposes, I want nothing to do with.”

Edwards music digs deep into the temptations we all face, embraces those temptations as we all do and works through the spiritual wrestling matches we engage, until we surrender ourselves to redemption. And only then do we persevere, or we succumb.

Wovenhand started as a solo project for Edwards but has evolved into a full touring band consisting of Ordy Garrison (drums), Peter van Laerhoven from Belgium (guitar) and former 16 Horsepower member Pascal Humbert (bass) from France.  The bands orchestration is much more dense with the heavy use of a mellotron, banjos, super bass drums, stings and sound samples.

Before I finish fawning over Wovenhand I want to share a video  my partner found,  that really shows this band in full form.

Wovenhand is one of the most unique music artists of this decade.   People stretch to compare them to Nick Cave, Joy Division or the Doors.  But Wovenhand’s music is a singular vision, methodical, unrelenting and hauntingly beautiful.  Once again we have some of the innovative music of this decade being created by an Underground Christian artist who infuses every song with fiery Truth.  Wovenhand is an acquired taste but I implore you to acquire it. 

You can buy Wovenhand’s music digitally on Wovenhand

You can also buy their CDs on Amazon: Blush Music (2003), Woven Hand (2003), Consider the Birds (2004), Mosaic (2006), Ten Stones(2008)


  1. Brian says:

    This sounds like a band I could get hip to. Sounds like they do some wrestling, Poor Old Lu-style…thanks for posting this one.


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