Free MP3 Album- Brian Lee & His Orchestra: Vol.1

We are on a roll with finding these free MP3 albums for you guys.  This time around its from Brian Lee & His Orchestra, a three piece folk/gospel band out of Nashville. Vol.1 is a emotional, laid-back EP that warms and surrounds you through song.  Its great music to wake up to, or go to sleep to….whatever your sleeping habits are. The lyrics are personal and moving, so there is bound to be something in there that everyone can love.  7-songs for the price of nothing, cant beat that! You know the drill, click on the link below, extract the files from the ZIP file, and your next fireside coffee chat has background music..

Download Brian Lee & His Orchestra- Vol.1 EP


  1. [...] So a long time ago (well it seems like a long time ago for me), in February, we as a website were beginning to pick up a little steam. One of seemingly ongoing features that we were beginning to offer every week was these full album downloads that we found from all over the net. One of our favorites came from a same indie folk band out of Nashville called Brian Lee & His Orchestra. Their free download of Vol.I has been a staff favorite around here since before we posted it. Check out Vol.I by Brian Lee & His Orchestra [...]

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