Free MP3 Album-P.Phillips:Observant and the Anawim

Every time I think there will be a week without a free download for you guys, I find something at the last minute. This time around it is Preson Phillips, a young pastor with a passion for music.  The music is some what worship like, maybe a little folk-ish, with a little bit of atmospheric rock in there. The real treat on this one is the lyrics, they are extremely dense and spiritual, written over the course of the last two years of Preson’s life. This is quality stuff guys, so I hope you dig it. Another cool note is that a few of the musicians on this album are none other than members of Underoath/The Almost, so you know it will be interesting. Preston has this up for free download, but if you would like to donate to his ministry, you can always visit his web site and do so. Here is the drill, click the link below and save the file. Extract All Files from the ZIP file, and you got some new stuff to meditate over.

here is his website if you want to donate:

Download Preson Phillips- The Observant and the Anawim


  1. [...] permalink that’s right. post hardcore/metal/screamo/industrial band underoath can now add folk and country to their description. recently they made an album with Preson Philipps, a folk/country worship leader and and i think this is release by underoath’s newly formed label (i forgot the name) but right now, they’re offering the album legally free here: Free MP3 Album-P.Phillips:Observant and the Anawim | [...]

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