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So you may notice that there is a whole bunch of new content going up this week.  We are working really hard to become a bit more dense in our posts, so get used to weeks with 9+ updates.  Things are starting to change a bit as we are in the beginning stages of moving the site from being JUST a blog to a valuable resource for Christian music . Chuck has been hard at work on his American Idol posts, so try to give him some feed back if you can. Also, you will be seeing a lot of artist profiles up on the site as the weeks progress. We are putting these profiles up to try and lead you to new music, so please take some time to read the profiles and leave us comments. If you know of anyone that we should be looking at, please feel free to let us know.

Well, here are your news stories for the week, enjoy:

Brutal southern metal band Once Nothing broke up. There isn’t a link for this story, just know that the heavy Christian music scene lost a great band this week.

Brave New World Records is also throwing in the towel. Bands such as The Wedding and Deas Vail will be looking for new contracts soon.

Indie siblings Eisley announced that they will be hitting the studio very soon. Read Eisley’s update.

Chaos metalcore monsters To Speak Of Wolves debuted their new video for the song “This Light Stays On”. Watch “This Light Stays On” by To Speak of Wolves.

Call To Preserve also had a video surface recently for the song “Hope For The Fallen”. Watch “Hope For The Fallen” by Call To Preserve.

Falling Up posted a video trailer for their upcoming CD, Fangs. Watch Falling Up’s video trailer.

Hip-hop emcee Pigeon John posted the dates for his upcoming “Pink Limousine Tour”. View Pigeon John tour dates.

Rapper Trip Lee posted his latest video for his song “Real Vision”. Watch “Real Vision” by Trip Lee.

The Blind Boys Of Alabama won a Grammy this past week. Congrats guys!

Metalheads A Plea For Purging issued an update concerning tours, their new CD, and a new video. Read A Plea For Purging updates.

The Devil Wears Prada posted a studio update in the form of a video. Watch The Devil wears Prada studio update.

Alternative Press’s website posted a video of MXPX in the studio with Craig Owens of the Chiodos fame. Watch MXPX and Craig Ownes.

Rockers Everfound were recently the victims of theft. Read Everfound’s story.

Its that time again, KJ-52 posted another of his Video Devos. This one is called “Are You Disconnected?”. Watch KJ-52′s Video Devo #25.

Winston Audio‘s new CD, The Red Rhyme, was reviewed all over the web this week. If you don’t know the band, or were thinking about picking up the CD, these will give you great idea of what to expect.

Read Winston Audio review at The

Read Winston Audio review on T.O.’s Snob Music

Read Winston Audio review on Knox Road (with MP3s!)

Read Winston Audio review at The Four Oh Five

Read Winston Audio review on Music Induced Euphoria (with MP3s!)

Read Winston Audio show review at Flagpole Magazine.

Soul/R&B singer Raishein‘s new music video for her song “I’ve Got Joy” debuted this week. Watch Raishein’s video for “I’ve Got Joy”.

Matt from indie rock band The Classic Crime made a declaration of faith on his blog. Good stuff, go read it. Read Matt of Classic Crime’s beliefs. featured an interview with Decyfer Down this week on their site. Read Decyfer Down interview.

Some new album artwork popped up this week from Future Of Forestry, Philmont, and Abandon. View new album art work.

The Fray‘s new self-titled album debuted at #1 on The Billboard Top 100 this week despite a scathing review from

A book penned by Korn bassist, Fieldy, detailing his salvation in Christ surfaced for pre-order this week. That’s two out of five now…..

Metal monsters Becoming The Archetype are holding a t-shirt design contest. Read details for the Becoming The Archetype t-shirt design contest.


  1. Brian says:

    I recently interviewed Falling Up’s singer about their new album for Soul-Audio (it hasn’t posted yet) and reviewed their album for that site (also hasn’t posted yet). Interesting stuff. Light years ahead of their previous work.

    I also did a review of Winston Audio’s CD for Stereo Subversion as well.

    Sorry if you mentioned these things in more recent posts…I’m still catching up! :)

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