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Alright, so if you are reading this right now,I have a challenge for you. You see,  I spend a lot of time working on these news posts. About 1-2 hours a day.  I do my best to post a wide variety of links for a lot of different artists so that there is something for everyone to read.  As our knowledge of the Christ-centered music scene has grown, so have these posts in length and diversity, so i hope you guys are enjoying them.

Here is my challenge: find someone in this post that you have no idea who they are.  Then click on the link for them, dig in, and really try to get into them.  I promise that you will find something that is at least interesting, but the whole point of these news posts is to make you, the reader, aware of new things.  If I can achieve that, then the work is all worth it.

Let us know if you think we missed anything this week, fill out that Contact Us box over there.  Stay close with us this next week, Chuck has got some more American Idol stuff coming up, we have lots of artists to share with you, and we will be announcing some cool stuff coming up in the near future, including our journey through the Austin music conference, SXSW.

Anyway, here is your news for the week:

Solid State newcomers The Ascendicate have posted a variety of reviews on their latest effort, To Die As Kings. Indievisionmusic even did an interview with them recently…

Read Ascendicate album review on jesusfreakhideout.com.

Read Ascendicate album review at indievisonmusic.com

Read Ascendicate album review at EDGE REVIEWS

Read Ascendicate interview

Rush Of Fools recently talked about their latest tour and all the events that have taken place since they have been on the road. Read Rush Of Fools update.

Paramore posted a video of them getting some new holes in the face…that’s piercings, folks…Watch Paramore video.

Metal band Amongst The Ruin needs a new vocalist. Read Amongst The Ruins request.

Bombworks Records have signed South Carolina metal band Divulgence. Read Bombworks Records announcement.

The nominees for the GMA Dove Awards were announced this week. Hopefuls include Chris Tomlin (go kid!), The Afters, Jon Foreman (Switchfoot/Fiction Family),  Canton Jones and many more. Read the complete Dove Award nominee list.

August Burns Red was interviewed over at Indievisionmusic. Read August Burns Read interview.

For Today posted a huge update including details on thier new album, tour dates, and general future plans. By the way, you DID read our interview with them, right? Well read our interview with For Today. Then read For Today update.

Wounded records signed Ohio metal band Our Dying Valor this week. Read Wounded Records announcement.

The Almost gave a small update on their happenings and also talked about some issues on their hearts.  Read The Almost updates.

Denison Witmer was interviewed by American Songwriter Magazine this week. Read Denison Witmer interview.

Country artist Dan Evans was featured in an article about the Change Your Life weight loss program. Read about Dan Evans.

Metalcore giants Haste The Day posted their video for the song “Mad Men”.  Altpress is also running a contest in conjunction with the band, top prize is a sweet guitar.

Watch “Mad Men” video from Haste The Day.

Enter Haste The Day Contest.

World music supergroup The Psalters talked about their Croatan Training Center. Read about The Psalters.

This Providence posted dates for their upcoming Snakes & Suits Acoustic Tour. View This Providence tour dates.

Falling Up posted a new video blog featuring none other than Kermit The Frog!  Watch Falling Up video blog.

The Welcome Wagon‘s album, Welcome To The Welcome Wagon, was reviewed over at The Phantom Toolbooth and Jesusfreakhideout.

Read The Welcome Wagon review at The Phantom Toolbooth.

Read The  Welcome Wagon review at Jesusfreakhideout.

Rapzilla has posted a commercial for the upcoming Dont Waste Your Life Tour featuring Lecrae, Trip Lee, and 116 Clique. Watch the video for the Dont Waste Your Life Tour.

I cant remember if this got posted last week, but anyway, Ivoryline has a new video for their song “Days End”. Watch “Days End” by Ivoryline.

Goth metal band Frost Like Ashes gave an interview to Indievisionmusic. Read Frost Like Ashes interview.

Parachute Band posted the latest in their Band Diary series, updating fans from thier overseas trek. Read Parachute Band’s Band Diary #20.

Paramore posted the dates for their upcoming tour with No Doubt (they are still around?). View Paramore/No Doubt tour dates.

According to Indievisionmusic, Sever Your Ties has been hitting the studio as of late. Read Sever Your Ties update.

August Burns Red are having a little contest to win some of the equipment they are using to record their latest CD. Read about August Burns Red giveaway.

Facedown Records has a bunch of stuff going on this week. First up they have their own contest with prizes ranging from free CDs to a Nintendo Wii.  Second, the label unveiled its plans to focus on a different ministry each month  in need of support as part of their More Than Sound program.

Read about Facedown Records contest.

Read about Facedown Records and the More Than Sound program.

Former American Idol contestant Phil Stacey will appear in TV Guide this week……Sorry there is no link…just go read it..

Ryan Clark of the Demon Hunter fame was featured on MTV2′s Headbangers Blog this week concerning his design skills. Read Ryan Clark’s blog on MTV2s Headbanger Blog.

My Epic‘s latest effort, I Am Undone, was reviewed over at Exclaim ezine. Read My Epic review on Exclaim.

Austin’s own Quiet Company have a new music video up for their song ” Its Better To Spend Money Like There Is No Tomorrow Than Spend Tonight Like There Is No Money”.  Watch Quiet Company music video.


  1. tyler h says:

    no doubt isn’t “still around”…its a comeback tour :-p

  2. ian says:

    so basically Gwen has a new backup band…

  3. good stuff.thanks for all the links and the dove award nominees


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