American Idol Season 8 Power Rankings (3/9)

The American Idol Season 8 Finals are upon us. Are you giddy? We have 13 potential American Idols to choose from and they will be singing songs from Michael Jackson.  I am sick about it.  See my article tomorrow on song selection and I will tell you why.

At we are covering the six Christian music artists competing in American Idol’s Season 8 finals. Worship leaders Danny Gokey, Kris Allen and Michael Sarver, will join Christian recording artists Matt Giraud and Scott MacIntyre on Tuesday’s stage. Rounding out our Christian music artist top 6 is new find, the diva in making, Lil Rounds.

So here are my American Idol Season 8 power rankings. I have not looked at others rankings and I would imagine mine may be a littler different.  I have included some commentary on why have ranked each contest where I have:

  • Danny Gokey is suffering from a backlash on the web.  It seems that he is too nice, too Christian and too open about the death of his wife.  I am pretty sure that One21music is the only blog on the Internet that actually influences voters (tongue firmly in cheek) so I am not too worried about the chatter online.  Why do I think he is at the top?  He is a very good singer, but more importantly, he is worship leader at two different churches which means he must arrange a set of songs with two different groups every week.  The American Idol workload will be a vacation for Danny.  It also doesn’t hurt that he looks like Robert Downey Jr.

    Danger: Danny Gokey needs to show to avoid over emphasis on inspiring anthems and show some of his playful side.

  • Matt Giraud nearly blew his chance with Viva La Vida came back with a vengeance in the Wild Card round.  He is a well rounded singer who excels with the type R&B that American Idol loves.  Also as a working musician I think he has the arranging skills  and discipline to handle the American Idol challenges.  He also is comfortable with and without his instrument.

    Danger: Matt Giraud cannot afford the type of misstep he took in the semifinals.  Stick with R&B as much as possible and only venture out of that groove when forced.

  • Lil Rounds proved last week that there is room for one diva in Season 8 and last week, Lil Rounds made it clear she was it.  The command and comfort she displayed onstage was a shock.  She has never performed anywhere but her church and in high school events.  She looked like as comfortable as Mariah or Whitney.  Randy called a combination of Fantasia and Mary J. Blige.  I already like her better than either one of them.

    Danger: Given her limited music experience, I am not sure she can handle the variety and pace of American Idol through to the finals.

  • Allison Iraheta unleashed an amazing, huge voice with great emotional range in the semifinals.  The more impressive performance was the next night when she won and acted like, “of course, I belong here”.  Is this the 16 year old phenom that is not intimidated by American Idol?

    Danger: Does Allison have the raw talent and prodigy like instincts to adapt to the weekly song selections or is she just a 16 year old with a huge voice?

  • Meagan Corkery is the most unique contestants American Idol Season 8.  Her vocal style is cool and her quirky stage presence is interesting.  America did not seem to embrace her in the semifinals America may begin to look forward to her puppet dance.  Who knows, it may become a national sensational.

    Danger: I am not sure she has the range to thrive throughout the theme nights.

  • Scott MacIntyre, I think, is touching a cord in America.  I think he gets stronger once he is able to start playing his instrument.  I didn’t get Scott until he performed on the results show.  I felt the emotional connection that the American Idol judges have been talking about all season.

    Danger:  He is not a great singer and I think that will exposed as we narrow down to the top 5.

  • Anoop Desai disappointed me in the semifinals.  He fell flat in his first performance and he really struggled with “My Prerogative”  in the Wild Card and that is his money song.  He seemed to be overwhelmed by the moment. He has a great personality.   He had some leadership roles in his UNC glee club and that should help him with selecting and arranging songs during the American Idol gauntlet.

    Danger: If does not get comfortable quickly he could washed out early the American Idol finals and the stage is only going to get bigger.

  • Kris Allen showed great interpretative skills when he sang “Man In The Mirror” during the semifinals.  He turned it from a self indulgent whine into a call to action.  That is a skill the American Idol judges will start to demand.  He is another of the contestants who will improve with his instrument.  I think he is a dark horse.  He is probably the closest thing American Idol has this year to being a heat throb.

    Danger: We have not seen enough of Kris to guess if he has range.

  • Alexis Grace rose quickly in the semifinals with a strong, sassy performance of “I Never Loved A Man”.  It was such a peak for her, I am not certain she has it in her again.

    Danger: Does she have the music experience or instinct to bend the theme week songs to her voice?

  • Michael Sarver is generally considered the weak link of this American Idol group, but I obviously don’t think so.  He had some magic with the camera in the semifinals and I think that will carry him a few weeks.  Then he will need to dig deep to find to find a vocal style many people do not think he has.

    Danger:  America loves him but they are being told he does not belong.  He needs to come out the first few weeks with solid performances.

  • Jorge Nunez made it to the finals of  American Idol’s Season 8 finals with a beautiful performance of  “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down” and a touching emotional display of joy during the judges comments.  I wonder if he has the emotional range to last very long.

    Danger: Can he deliver anything but a ballad?

  • Adam Lambert has Performed every song he has sung so far in American Idol.  I have not felt an emotional connection to anything he has sunge yet.  He is kind of the “bizzaro world” Scott MacIntyre.  He has a great voice and consistently over sings.

    Danger: If he continues his hair metal cover band routine he will leave early.

  • Jasmine Murray was overwhelmed by the stage both times she performed in the semifinals.  Witht he right songs she can stick around for a few weeks but I don’t think she has staying power.

    Danger: She continues to look smaller than the stage.

Join us in the morning when I will suggest song choices for each of the performers and then join us again tomorrow night while I live blog the performances.

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  1. Good breakdowns! I like Lil much better than Fantasia as well! I have to make my order of finish predictions for the myccm contest. you can copy this right to my contest if you think thats how the top 5 will be for your picks.

  2. ian says:

    hey man, this post looks gooooood


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