American Idol Season 8 Christian Artists- Lil Rounds

lil-rounds1At One21music we are covering Christian Music artists competing on American Idol Season 8 and we are thrilled to add another believer to our list of featured performers. Lil Rounds is a powerful R&B singer who delivered one of the top performances in American Idol’s Season 8 semifinals.

We have researched Lil Rounds as extensively as any of the this year’s American Idol performers. After seeing her audition in Kansas City we just felt she was a believer. The problem with Lil Rounds is that she has virtually no experience and before American Idol she had no Myspace or Facebook presence. As far as we can tell, Lil Rounds has not performed outside the Church before American Idol Season 8 and we do not believe she has a music leadership role in her Church.

After seeing her performance in American Idol’s show on March 3rd ( see our live reactions ), I cannot believe Lil Rounds has never commanded a stage at least semi-professionally. She absolutely dominated Mary J. Blige’s song “I Never Wanna Live Without You”.  Does Lil Rounds possess that much raw talent?  I new she could sing, but she stepped onto that stage with the confidence and presence of Blige herself.  In my wrap-up article I said she looked more like a guest than a competitor.

We are pretty careful who we included in our American Idol Christian music artist features so we left her off, until reader Jim Richardson pointed out some comments in her finalist interview. We went back and found these quotes from Lil Rounds:

  • Though Lil hails from Memphis, a famous music town, she mostly stayed out of local clubs in favor of singing at church. “I came right out of church,” she says. “I grew up in church. So, the most that I’ve ever done really has been going to different concerts or just pretty much singing in my church. That’s pretty much where I was.”
  • “I’ve never done anything bigger than a school or a church performance,” she said. “It couldn’t be more nerve-wracking for me.” Her musical style goes hand-in-hand with her church upbringing. “I’m pretty much a gospel head,” she said. “I think this competition may be harder for me when we start having to sing other genres of music. I grew up on Mahalia Jackson.”
  • Yeah, Memphis is a music capital. My family is really music-oriented — I have a grandfather who actually played with B.B. King, my mom’s dad. From there, they grew up around a lot of music, and we grew up around music. Being in a city like Memphis, you have a lot of places you can go. … For me it was church, I came through things like that. So yeah, it influenced me as far as being able to feel like an artist, you can do whatever you feel you want to do. Because Memphis has all genres — it’s not just one thing.

The final indicator in the dearth of information about Lil Rounds was her church, Christ Community Church in Memphis.  This is how they describe themselves: “We are a network of house churches, committed to glorifying God through radical risk-taking obedience.” That is enough for me.

Lil Rounds, we are excited to include you in our list of Christian Music Artists on American Idol Season 8.  We will pray for you, we will cheer you own and we will vote for you.  It is our hope that American Idol will provide you the platform to express your faith to the world on a grand scale.

In the meantime, download Lil Round’s thrilling performance on American Idol’s March 3rd show by clicking on the iTunes icon below:

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As we go into the finals, here are the six Christian music performers in American Idol’s Season 8 Finals:

  • Kris Allen
  • Matt Giraud
  • Danny Gokey
  • Scott MacIntyre
  • Lil Rounds
  • Michael Sarver

Come back to One21music in the morning for a preview of the first round of Ameircan Idol’s Season 8 finals.  I will reveal my power rankings and preview the show.  Then come back again tomorrow night for our live blog as American Idol attempts to blast through 13 performances, coaching from Kanye West and a highly anticipated performance (at least by me) from American Idol season 1 winner, Kelly Clarkson.


  1. Glad you could use my lead and expand on it Chuck! The way she was lifting her hands and getting the crowd to follow last week seemed like a Gospel performance!

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