American Idol Season 8 Michael Jackson Songs

I mentioned in my American Idol Season 8 power rankings, the Top 13 are singing the songs of Michael Jackson in the first round of the Season 8 Finals.  I am troubled.   Must we glorify a man who is suspected of these acts?  I don’t know.  What do you think?

Sorry to be such a downer.  American Idol is suppose to make us happy right?  Let’s be happy.  Let’s talk music.  I have no idea what songs the Top 13 will select but I have suggestions.

We are covering the Christian music artists competing on Season 8 of American Idol. This is what I think they will perform.

  • Kris Allen should use his interpretive skills on to perform “Will You Be There”.
  • “You Rock My World” has exactly the thumping rhythm and lyrical connect that Lil Rounds would devour.
  • Scott MacIntyre should use his piano skills to give us a new take on “Heal The World”
  • Matt Giraud should take the chance of repeating “I Want You Back” from Hollywood Week.  If he could keep the vibe while adapting the song to a solo performance he could rock the house.
  • In my power rankings article I said Danny Gokey needs to move beyond inspirational ballads, but not this week.  “You Are Not Alone” is exactly the right song for Danny this week.
  • Michael Sarver will need to stretch this week and I think the best shot he has is to sing “Never Can Say Goodbye”.

The rest of the American Idol contestants should sing these Michael Jackson songs:

  • Anoop Desai should rock “Beat It”
  • Meagan Crokery will need to make a lot of changes to “The Way You Make Me Feel” but I think this song has her vibe.
  • Jorge Nunez should take on the slow ballad “She’s Out of My Life”.
  • Allison Iraheta should belt the surprisingly bluesy “Who’s Lovin’ You”.
  • There is no question the “Dirty Diana” gives Adam Lambert the platform for his theatrics.
  • Jasmine’s best chance is to go with the ballad “Got To Be There”
  • Can Alexis Grace wrap her pipes around “Leave Me Alone”.  I would like to see her try.

Join us tonight as we live blog the show and  see what happens!

Remember you can get all of the performances by clicking through to Itunes icon below.  They should start making the American Idol full song recordings available.  As soon as we find out, we will make them available to you.

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  1. Hey Chuck, did you see that Fantasia’s favorite is Danny Gokey?

    I’ve also read that he’s Mandisa’s pick as well.

  2. good guesses on the songs. I am no longer going to do my own live blog..i refered every one to come here. I will give my live takes on your site. I will do a wrapup on my site after the show is over. seeya!


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  2. [...] American Idol Season 8 Michael Jackson Songs [...]

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