American Idol Season 8- Top 10 Power Rankings

American Idol Season 8 Top 10

American Idol Season 8 Top 10

Congratulations to the American Idol Season 8 Top Ten.  You have earned as spot on the American Idol tour, a nice contract to finish out the year and even more chances to present yourself as an artist to the industry.  American

Idol’s Christian music performers: Kris Allen, Matt Giraud, Danny Gokey, Scott MacIntyre, Lil Rounds and Michael Sarver will be joined by Anoop Desai, Allison Iraheta, Meagan Joy and Adam Lambert in extending their dreams through the rest of the year.  Good job to all, this is the most talented group since I have started watching American Idol, so this is a real accomplishment.

American Idol Season 8 power rankings change every week based on last week’s performance.  Matt Giraud made a big move this week; Kris Allen continues to move up each week and Scott MacIntyre continues to move down.  These are not my predictions for how they will finish on American Idol Season 8 (see below) but my biased opinion of them as performers I would like to see.

  • Danny Gokey has been one of the top two performers each week.  He has been consistent and has raised his game every week.  He needs to be careful to keep his “fun factor” at maximum., but I have yet to see him flinch under the “front runner” pressure.
  • Kris Allen has quietly dominated every week’s performance.  He is not flashy but he is funky.  He is a great song interpreter and last week’s complete re-work of a Garth Brooks song was masterful.
  • Lil Rounds weakness as a song arranger showed through last week, but she is a super singer.  This should be a good week for her.
  • Matt Giraud performed beautifully last week but he still has not shown me enough to think he can make it to the final three.
  • Meagan Joy (Corkery) needs to demonstrate her singing abilities and, for one week, cut the cutesy song arrangements.  It makes her fun and quirky but she has yet to demonstrate the skills that will make her anything other than a novelty act.  I think she can go far in the competition but she still has something to prove.
  • Allison Iraheta is probably the best singer in American Idol Season 8.  I lover her stage presence and her moxie.  She needs to sing a “blow it out da’ box” ballad to demonstrate some range.
  • Scott MacIntyre,is just not a great singer and he tends to reduce every song to a soft rock anthem.  The country loves him but I think we are nearing the end of his American Idol run.  Maybe he can then get back to making the really great music he was creating before American Idol.
  • Michael Sarver seems to have some magic on television and I am thrilled he made it to the Top Ten, but I think the competition is surpassing him.
  • Anoop Desai made a little comeback last week but I don’t think he is as good as the judges seem to think.  I still have not seen one performance from him that is good as any of the other performer’s best and he certainly has the worst performance of the remaining group.
  • Adam Lambert will probably be the American Idol performer for which the judges use their “save”.  I just don’t get his over-the-top screaming performances.  This is what I said last week and I have decided that he is my least favorite performer of the last three seasons.  My only hope is that he never ruins another song that is in my all time favorites list, like “Ring of Fire.”

I don’t have predictions for who will win but I do think that there are some characteristics among the performers that could cause the famous “American Idol voting surprises”.  Kris & Danny are starting to call on the same pool of voters.   Matt & Anoop will start to split votes unless Matt begins to demonstrate his superior musical skills.  Allison, Megan and Adam need to show some versatility in the next few weeks or America will begin to look at them as novelties.  I think the charm that Michael and Scott have displayed will start to run out on them.  With all of that said, it looks like Lil Rounds has the best shot to make it to the American Idol Season 8 Top 3.

American Idol will air on Wednesday rather than Tuesday and they will be celebrating “50 Years of Motown” with legendary singer/songwriter Smokey Robinson serving as guest mentor.  The American Idol performers will, of course sing the songs of Motown.  See my article tomorrow where I talk more about Motown and expresses some hopes about song selection.

Check out all of the American Idol’s performances so far by clicking on the iTunes link below

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  1. Syesha, Vonzell made it top 3 on the same formula..Lil should make it to top 5 at least.


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