American Idol Season 8 Wild Card Predictions

As I expressed in last night’s blog of the results show I am extremely disappointed in the American Idol judges’ “Wild Card” picks.  I think reader Jimbo was right when he said the judges had their minds made up before Tuesday night and ignored Week 3′s performances.

We are covering Christian music artists competing in American idol Season 8 and we are happy that Matt Giraud and Ricky Braddy made it to the Wild Card round.  However, there were some real travesties:

  • Felicia Barton should have made it over Jessica Langseth.  The problem for Felicia now is that she did not get a chance to show anything new so I am not sure the American Idol experience will jump start her career.  That is a shame because I think she is the total package.
  • It is a crime that Jasmine Murray is in and Mishavonna Henson is out.  Misahvonna delivered a mature, confident performance and Jasmine looked overwhelmed.  I think Mishavonna will become an artist of substance in the future and I am pretty sure that does not impress these judges.
  • Ju’not Joyner was robbed.  He should be in the Wild Card over Von Smith.  I suspect that a number of R&B producers are trying to find Ju’not’s number right now.
  • If you want someone quirky and a little dramatic, how do you pick Tatiana del Toro over Kristen McNamara?  Kristen is a better singer and delivered a more unique performance in the American Idol semifinals.  I wonder where this leaves Kristen.  She has been working at this since she was 16.  Nashville Star and, now, American Idol did not produce the breakthrough she needed.  Where does she go from here?

Here are my rankings of the American Idol Season 8 Wild Card contestants based on everyhting I have seen:

  1. Anoop Desai
  2. Ricky Braddy
  3. Meagan Corkery
  4. Matt Giraud
  5. Tatiana del Toro
  6. Jessica Langseth
  7. Von Smith
  8. Jasmine Murray

Here are my predictions for tonight’s American Idol Season 8 Wild Card show.

I will be shocked if more than one guy is selected from this group.  There are already six guys in the Top 12 and I cannot see the producers allowing American Idol to go into the finals with anything more that a 7:5 ratio.  I think that makes it virtually impossible for Christian music artists Ricky Braddy and Matt Giraud to make it through.  Anoop Desai has been an overwhelming judge favorite from the start and his Semi-final performance was good just not good enough.  I think both Matt and Ricky can perform well enough to make it hard on the judges but I think Anoop needs to disappoint for them to have a chance.

These predictions are in the order of my confidence level:

  • Meagan Corkery would have to trip on her way to the stage, hit her head, sing a different song than the band is playing, forget the lyrics and have a “wardrobe malfunction” to miss the Top 12.  The judges have all but said she is a finalist.
  • Anoop Desai is not bulletproof but he will need a disappointing performance and a “blow it out da’ box” performance from Matt Giraud, Ricky Braddy or Von Smith to go home tonight.  I think Matt is the only one capable of that type of show stopping performance.  Hey Matt, you got nothing to lose, go for it.
  • Tatiana del Toro will overcome Jessica Langseth.  I think Jessica is a better mucisian but American Idol needs the ratings that the manic, frightening, personality Tatiana brings.  What the heck, they need to give the “Vote for The Worst” guys someone to champion.

Join us tonight while we live blog the American Idol Season 8 Wild Card show.

In the meantime give some love to Christian music artists Felcia Barton, Mishavonna Henson and Kristen Mcnamara by downloading their performances from iTunes with a simple click on the icon below.

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  1. Oh wow…I do hope you’re wrong about Tatiana. I know the judges love her drama quotient, but it’s going to get really old, really fast!

    By the way, did you know Jesse Langseth is the sister of blues singer Jonny Lang? I believe Jonny is a Christian. For what it’s worth.

    And I completely agree with you about Ju’not Joyner being robbed. His voice was downright gorgeous. I was looking forward to hearing it, week after week.

    This is my first visit to your blog…looks great!

  2. chuck says:

    Thanks for the joining us. thanks for your comments and thanks for the compliment.

    I think you will seeing Ju’not Joyner in your local Best Buy pretty soon. Somebody is going to grab him up.

    Several sites have put Jesse Langseth up as a Christian artist. I looked into her more deeply than any of these other performers, confident that I would find some expression of her faith. Unfortunately, I could not find anything. I do not know what she believes and I guess she considers that private, which is fine. Just not for us.

    Unfortunately I think we will be hanging with Tatiana for a while. She is the best female singer of this group, thought I don’t get a real emotional connection to the songs from her. I actually worry about her, not in a pity sort of way,but in a compassionate way. I am not sure she can take this pressure and I think the producers are exploiting her.

    Welcome to one21music


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