American Idol Semi-Finals , Round 3 Wrap-up

Finally, a very good show for American Idol Season 8.  Check out our live blog here for a blow by blow of the show. For the most part I thought all of the contestants brought their “A” game.  Everyone chose good songs, there were a few questionable arranging decisions, but I think the performances were all out.  Several performers were brought to tears by the moment but none of them wilted in the spotlight.  Good show tonight performers.

One21music is covering the Christian music artists competing in American Idol’s Season 8.  Overall, they did very, very well and in last week’s show would have been front runners.  Tonight, the show is very competitive.  Let’s recap their performances.

Kristen McNamara was the first of our Christian music artists to perform tonight.  She sang “Give Me One Reason” by Tracy Chapman.  One of our readers, Jim Richardson, questioned the lyrical content of the song for someone we are setting out as an example.  After re-watching the show I must agree with him.  I don’t know how I feel about Kristen singing being “rocked all night”.  That aside, this girl can sing.  She hit all of the notes and stretched the song with a upbeat jazzy arrangement.  However, I don’t think she really connected with the song.  She looked pretty happy singing a song about breaking up.

Felicia Barton was the next of our Christian music artists performing on American Idol tonight.  We had seen none of her until tonight and I don’t know why.  She nailed Alicia Keys “No One”.  Her vocals were strong and soulful, her attitude was assertive and she owned the stage.  As Simon put it “you came back with something to prove and you did.”  I think the judges were surprised and thrilled.

Finally, Scott MacIntyre performed and I must admit, I don’t get him.  This guy is an internationally acclaimed musician.  What is he doing messing about with American Idol?  That would be like Emmit Smith competing on some silly ballroom dancing show…. oh yeah, that did happen, didn’t it.  Tonight, Scott performed “Mandolin Wind”  by Bruce Hornsby, and while it was very pitchy, he did hit the big notes.  He does have a sort of mesmerizing stage pressence and the judges fawned over him.

So, this is how I rank the American Idol semi-final, round 3 performances:

  • Jorge Nunez, gave a riveting performance of “Don’t Let The Sun Do Down” , great vocals, emotional connection and insightful interpretation.
  • Lil Rounds performed as a front runner giving a powerful, effortless performance.  She looked more like a guest performer than a contestant.
  • Felicia Barton showed herself to be a great performer with a commanding delivery of “No One”.
  • Ju’not Joyner shows his arranging instincts by turning an emo guitar tune into an interesting R&B ballad.
  • Von Smith demonstrated wonderful phrasing and a big voice with “All I Need”.
  • Taylor Vaifunna struggled with the low range but when her vocals soared they really soared.
  • Kristen MacNamara proved she had a powerful voice but sang a pretty sad song as romping jazz rave.
  • Scott MacIntyre ably handled a mid tempo piano ballad but did not add much to the original.
  • Kendall Beard sang well but could not fill a big Martina MacBride country anthem.
  • Arianna Afsar struggled through an Abba song by trying to put in several runs that did not belong.
  • Alex Wagner-Trugman growled his way through “Why They Call It The Blues”.  Why?
  • Nathanial Marshall sang well but the song, performance and look were just not up to par.

I must say, however, I enjoyed all of these performances on some level.  I really do not think anyone was overwhelmed by their America Idol moment.  I appreciated the honest emotions of the performers as they realized dreams come true.  I appreciate the respect and affection the judges expressed toward the each of the contestants tonight.  Is Simon getting soft in his old age?

Predictions are tough tonight. The performers I think should win, I think probably won’t, but they might.

Top Girl: Lil Rounds, she came in as favorite and dd nothing to hurt herself.

Top Guy: Scott MacIntyre, it is clear that he is a formidable musician and the judges were practically begging America to vote him in.  However, I think Jorge Nunez’s great performance and his post performance emotions may enable him to squeeze in.

Next Top Vote Getter: Felicia Barton, I think she really made an impression tonight.  Jorge may squeeze into this slot as well.

I make my predictions before I look at DialIdol, which missed Kris Allen last week by a big margin, but here is their analysis of week 3 of American Idol’s Season 8 semifinals.

DialIdol Top Girl: Lil Rounds

DialIdol Top Guy: Scott MacIntyre

DialIdol Next Top Votes: Ju’not Joyner, it is too close to call but he has a strong lead over, can you believe, Nathanial Marshall.  I think the “Vote for The Worst Guys” must be working overtime.

Check back in later today as I will make predictions on who will be invited to the “Wild Card” round.  Tonight night I will offer analysis of the results show.  And then again on Thursday we will live blog the American Idol’s Season 8 “Wild Card” show.

Check out the perfomances by Kristen McNamara, Felica Barton and Scott MacIntyre . We want to make it easy for you so use the link below to download American Idol performances. You can also download Danny Gokey’s show stopping performance. Own Michael Sarver and Kris Allen performing the songs that captured America’s heart. Do not miss Mishavonna Henson’s excellent performance of “Drops of Jupiter” and pray she gets another chance.

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  1. Emmitt Smith line made me crack up. If Scott wasn’t a Chritian I wouldn’t be diggin his vocals at all. I got burned by dialidol last week so I am keeping with felicia to go with scott and lil. If Nathanial makes it I will vomit.


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