American Idol Wild Card Show- Live Blog

We are live, covering American Idol’s live show.  The performers were announced in last night’s Round 3 performance show (see our wrap-up).   You can also read my whining, complaining analysis of the American Idol Wild Card show, with predictions.

Relax America, put your phones down!  You do not get a vote tonight.  It is all judges tonight as the American Idol judges select the final three performers to join Season 8′s Top 12.  I expect the judges to select at least two and maybe three girls to go to the finals.

Here are tonight’s performers:

  • Von Smith
  • Meagan Corkery
  • Ricky Braddy
  • Jasmine Murray
  • Tatiana del Toro
  • Matt Giraud
  • Jessica Langseth
  • Anoop Desai

There go the opening credits, so let’s get it started!

As Ryan said this second chance is all about tenacity and determination so let’s hope these guys bring it.  Hey America, Ryan says we did a good job and the nine finalists think we have done a good job as well.  All eight will sing and the judges will pick the three finalists at the end.

Jessica Langseth starts off with “Tell Me Something Good” by Chaka Kahn, Chaka Kahn, Chaka Kahn.  She is pretty good but she does not have that Chaka grit.  Overall, a nice powerful vocal.

Randy will hate it and he does  hate it.  Kara is right she does have swagger.  Thanks, Simon she now knows she was the last one in.  That does not bode well for her chances tonight.

Wow, they are blasting through this show.  Matt Giraud is singing “Who’s Loving You” by the Jackson 5 (I know it was written by Smokey Robinson).  Matt where was this last week! ? Matt brings the R&B grit, very, very nice.  He is throwing down at the end.  Can you tell I like soul music.  Good job, Matt.

The ladies love that he stepped back into his zone and did an amazing job.  Randy loved it. “That was hot”. Anoop better bring the goods.

Well, the first two certainly showed what they have.  If this continues we will have a good show.  I bet the first 9 finalists are thrilled they are watching rather than competing.

Up next, Meagan Corkery the great big judges favorite, doing “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” by K.T Tunstall and hey I like this song.  Okay, so the judges are right to love on this girl.  She will be in the Top 12.

Paula is very subdued in her comments.  They are not even critiquing her performance they are just promoting for next week’s show.  Kara, says I think we need you.  Why not just tell her she is in already?

Now Von Smith is grateful to be able to show us real raw honest emotion by singing another Elton John number “Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word”.  I am sorry, he is proving he doesn’t need to be on this show tonight.  He seemed to be waiting to sing big  notes.

Simon thinks he has become boring and ordinary and Randy agrees with him. None of them like the song choice.  Sorry, Von goodbye.

I thought this would be a two hour marathon and it looks like we will do this in a one hour sprint.

Back again and it is time for Jasmine Murray to sing “Reflection” by Christina Aguilera, a slow ballad that plays well to her strengths.  Very good vocals, but not an outstanding performance.  Kind of middle of the road.  Not good enough for tonight.

Randy thinks she was okay and Kara is confused.  Paula’s comments are noticeably unenthusiastic until she attacks Simon.  Simon thinks she is back in the running.  Really?

Ricky Braddy got here because of his great performance two weeks ago and is funking it out with “Supersition” by Stevie Wonder.  Another wow.  This guy has brought it slow and now he brings it funky.  What a falsetto.  Another great job by a guy.

Good job from Kara and enthusiastic Paula is back.  Simon does not agree and Randy thought he tried to do much.  I disagree.

There are too many good guys this year to fit in the final 12.

Here she is, Tatiana del Toro has found love and she wants to show the world and she is ready to sing “Saving All My Love for You”, Didn’t she sing that two weeks ago?  I am sorry America, she can sing.  If we could only keep her singing.  Just about perfect.

The laugh is back! She is not giving the judges a chance to talk.  Simon nails her on repeating the song.  I think we may be seeing the last of Tatiana.  Strategic mistake on her part.

Anoop Desai and he goes with his money song “My Prerogative” by Bobby Brown.  Funny, Whitney and Bobby back to back.  I don’t know.  It was exciting but a little off for me.

The judges do seem to be enjoying themselves.  Simon thinks the vocal was not strong, but he gives the judges an excuse to put him through.  Once again, why did they even make him perform.  It was fun but not as great as they are saying.

We are at commercial and based on what I have seen I think Meagan and Anoop are through, no question.  I think  Jessica nails the third spot.  Ricky and Matt were both better than Jessica but two girls will go through tonight.

And we are back for the dramatic results.  Is it dramatic for you?  I think we pretty much know don’t we.

Jasmine Murray is in the Top 12?  I cannot believe that.

Next Ricky Braddy goes home.  They are late and rushing through this.

Between Meagan Corkery and Tatiana del Toro who moves on.  And surprise, the judges select Meagan.  Why must they exploit Tatiana?  I feel bad for her.

I am shocked and disappointed that Jasmine is in.  Are they going with three girls?

Anoop Desai, Matt Giraud or Jessica Langseth the tension is killing me.  How are they going to tell Matt and Jessica goodbye?  Oh, they are going to do it one by one.  Goodbye, Jessica.  Simon says she nearly made it. Was she 13th?  Later, Von Smith.  Why are we even doing this?

Who gets the final spot in American Idol’s Top  12 and… Matt Giraud makes it?  Wow!!

But… they cannot say goodbye to Anoop!  There is a Top 13!!! Those crazy guys, the surprises never stop.

Kayne West next week with Kelly Clarkson.

Great show tonight.  Download all of the performances on iTunes by clicking on the button below.

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Come backl tomrrow and I will give you my first ranking of the Top 12.  Oops, I mean the Top 13.

I don’t know if I will be able to sleep tonight.  Well, I know I won’t be able to sleep.  I am going to the first showing of “Watchmen” at midnight.


  1. Matt was awesome! That should give him a good chance! Jesse was so sultry we had to have the kids leave the room!

  2. I like Meagan and she should be in the top 12 but that corkscrew move she makes drives me nuts. He feet are like tied to the floor and everything else twists.

    Of all the people from last night to be chosen from the third group why Von?

  3. For some reason the male judges don’t dig rickky..I think he is awesome. Maybe they don’t want to go overboard waiting for their hero Anoop. I thought Jasmine was pretty good..right now a toosup with Jesse.

  4. Tatiana should get eliminated for choosing the same song. Anoop brought the goods so it’s a lock for him and Meagan. If they want the 3 best they will go with Matt but sadly they will pick a girl and I say on to the judges…

  5. I was right about Jasmine. The producers stink this year..Jasmine was the one in question and they put her through right away..they should have put Meagan through, told jesse no and had tatiana and Jasmine stand together. Poor Matt has no chance now..

  6. wow..I’m happy for both!!

  7. Wow…I’m glad you were live-blogging, because my DVR didn’t record the end! So, a top 13? Well, they make the rules, I guess they can change them if they want!

    I like both Matt and Anoop. Good for them!

  8. chuck says:

    Jim, you slay me. I have a mental picture of you running from your living room to your office. Watching, watching, watching and then running and then typing, typing, typing.

    Good call on on Jasmine. I think you are right that it was between her and Jessica. I guess AI wants to keep their early time slot.

  9. do you think they will eliminate 2 next week to get back on track?

    I have a little hand held portable TV set to watch in computer room but it will be useless with this digital law coming down!

  10. Cindy..interesting web site! welcome to this site!

  11. just read an interview with Lil..I had a feeling she learned to sing like that at is a bit of it:

    Though Lil hails from Memphis, a famous music town, she mostly stayed out of local clubs in favor of singing at church. “I came right out of church,” she says. “I grew up in church. So, the most that I’ve ever done really has been going to different concerts or just pretty much singing in my church. That’s pretty much where I was.”

    for more go to:

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