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What if a song could save a child or a melody could give hope to a village?  What if an anthem united a country or inspired people to truly care for their neighbor?

The Saturn Project recorded Anthems for a Broken World in order to share great music that will challenge thinking and bring about social, spiritual, and economic change.  It will ask listeners to participate in changing a broken world.  The members of the band are taking that first step by giving the album away.  All proceeds from this album will go toward making this world a better place.

Before we go any further.  This cd is available on March 13th.  Go to buy one, heck, buy a box, build a home and give the cds away.

The Saturn Project in partnership with Life Pointe Church and People for Care and Learning are giving hope, alleviating suffering, and giving the poor a working chance.  By purchasing this album, you will be added to this partnership and will in turn help provide clean water, build a village, build a health clinic, and create education opportunities for the people of Cambodia, Southeast Asia, and other locales.  Buy music.  Do good.

“Anthems for a Broken World” is Coldplay meets Radiohead meets U2.  Members of The Saturn Project are:

Jesse Santoyo – lead vocals, keyboard, guitar
Matt Izaguirre – bass
Alex Santoyo – drums
Brent Maloney – guitar

Here is the insight into “Anthems for A Broken World” from singer and songwriter Jesse Santoyo.

So I thought I’d give you guys a brief explanation for the songs on the anthems for a broken world album…All these songs are inspired by the one who created me, and inspired by moments, people, and stories of myself and others…

TIME – A song about wanting to change the past. A song of desperate measures to erase the flaws of one’s history. On that same journey we find that those things we try to forget helped shape who we are today. We are no longer the people we once were, and who we are now is temporary, for we are on our way to becoming the men and women we were destined to be. On our way to destiny there are things we left behind, not lost! But left behind to be with you.

U Turn- This song follows Jesus into the desert as he was tempted. It parallels to our own deserts, our own temptations, our own enigmas where we search for a way out. When we finally believe it is meant to be here, our lives are transformed, our compass is redirected and our lives make a U turn.

So alive- We all have something, someone, or a moment that makes us feel So alive. With that said there is nothing we would not do, a place we would not go…to constantly feel so alive. The coolest line in the song, “I would walk on fire, I would march in the front line, if  I made my bed in hell, you are there”.

Silas-A song that stirs up a revolution, a movement of the soul that becomes flesh. Late in the midnight hour something remarkable happened. Inspired by the book of Acts chapter 17: 22-35.

Dynamite- Amazing things happen when you let go… and you put it all on the line for the creator of this Universe.

Home- A father goes on a journey in search of a better place. “Through desert roads and mountain tops”…He looks into his family’s eyes and hopes to make a better life for them.

Butterfly- A young girl in a cold waiting room battles with the thought of life within her. She knows it’s a gift but contemplates ending the tiny heart beat deep inside to avoid the shame… Years later she wonders what that baby or dream looked like, it’s smile, it’s eyes.”How could I have been a fool…”maybe she’ll change the world, maybe just saving yours”.

Beautiful Stranger- A love ballad inspired by serendipity

Tonight- Inspired by children all over the world hoping in a dream that seems impossible. Fathers doing the impossible for a better quality of life, everyday people with the chance to make a difference.

Sail Away- Every so often we hear stories of moments that passed people by, great people we let go, opportunities overlooked, Not saying what we really want to say when there was a chance, then its gone…A  metaphorical love song everyone will relate to…”the sailboat we waited for never came…now you’re gone”

Only you- This is the first song I wrote for the saturn project close to 9 yrs ago. The song is about the desire to know and feel God beyond our own existence and human comprehension.

Mark your calendars “Anthems for a Broken World” is available on March 13th.  Go buy a box of cd’s and give them away .

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