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Paper Route
Genre: Rock
Styles: Folk-Rock, Electronica, Progressive
Location: Nashville, TN
Label: Universal Mowtown
Christian label: no
Category: The Light whats this?

Organic electronic, yep, that’s the best description I can come up with.  Paper Route probably does not want their music reduced to a two word catch phrase, but organic electronic captures the ethereal feel of their honest songs.  These are real songs that can be played in a coffeehouse on a guitar or a piano.  At the same time, electronic texture weaves through Paper Route’s music creating a rich atmosphere of sound and ideas.

Paper Route’s music is quiet, calming at the same time as it is enthralling and exciting.  Like the best music from Radiohead and Bright Eyes, Paper Route’s music explores the full range of harmonic range without utilizing dynamic histrionics.  Paper Route’s music pulls you closer to the stereo and engages you in the songs.

On the other hand, Paper Route’s live shows are kinetic circuses that create swirling currents of sound that incite the senses.  But Paper Route is so about more than the sound.  T.J. Daly (vocals, keyboards, drums/percussion) attributes their live show magic to the songs…” there’s just so much going on in our live shows, so many samplers being started at certain times, so many things being looped, a lot of multiple-instrument songs. I think that, maybe visually, that’s why people may connect to it. I think that Andy and I are both very much trying to go back to that place where the lyrics were written, and maybe that’s why people are connecting more so to the songs in a live way. I’m trying to live out those lyrics on stage, and it’s different a little every night.”

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Paper Route successfully utilizes multiple media channels to distribute and monetize their music.  “Last Time” was featured on Nike’s commercial for The Human Race 10K in 2008 and songs “Life is Short” and “Crying Won’t Help You Now” were featured on multiple episodes to the taste making TV series “One Tree Hill”.

When you want to listen to Paper Route, you need to commit to your listening.  If you try to listen to Paper Route in the background, you will find your attention diverted to their music.  Paper Route’s music is enthralling and you will be drawn into their ethereal world of song and sound.  But no matter, the time invested in Paper Route is well worth the lost mutli-tasking productivity.

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Paper Route

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