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A big week for for us at The One21. We  are churning out a lot of content for you, 3 full posts A DAY now!  Chuck is keeping you up to date with his American Idol posts, as well as his ” Hope In These Troubled Financial Times” series. I started my 15 week “Voices Of The Underground” series this week, as well as the free downloads, new releases, and this news post.  Today is the beginning of our SXSW journey!  For the next week and a half, we will keeping you up to date on all the SXSW goings ons, along with coverage of the Christian artists playing the festival. We will also be getting interviews with Brooke Waggoner, Anathallo, and maybe even Wovenhand.  For your listening pleasure, we have a little widget to my right over there that features hand picked tracks from artists we are covering at SXSW. You can listen to samples and even purchase the tracks from iTunes if you wish

Lastly, but certainly not least, I want to say thank you to everyone who gets on this site. Our traffic has been growing tremendously over the last month or so. As of yesterday, which is not even two weeks in to March, we have already gone over our TOTAL traffic from February.  Thank you so much. Here is your news, let me know if I missed anything.

Gospel leader Kirk Franklin kicked off his new video blog series this week.  Watch Kirk Franklin’s video blog.

You can get Kirk Franklin‘s music on Kirk Franklin

Metalcore band Burden Of A Day‘s drummer Jesse, has decided to leave the band. Read about Burden Of A Day’s drummer.

You can check out Burden Of A Day‘s music on Burden of a Day

Nu-metal giants Pillar posted an update concerning the band this week. Read Pillar update.

You can buy Pillar‘s music on Pillar

Flyleaf announced their “Durrty South” mini tour this week. Do I speak for us all when I say “STOP TOURING AND RECORD A NEW ALBUM”?  View Flyleaf tour dates.

You can get Flyleaf‘s music on Flyleaf

Pop artist Molly Jenson‘s new album, Maybe Tomorrow, was released last week, so she is very busy:

Read an interview with Molly Jenson on The Chimes Online

Read Molly Jenson album review on Soul-Audio

Watch live Molly Jenson videos she did for SteamTV

Then go buy Molly Jenson‘s music on Molly Jenson

BIGGEST NEWS EVER!!  Michael Tait of the DC Talk fame has joined The Newsboys as their touring frontman. Confused? Read Newsboys announcement.

Go check out Newsboy‘s music pre-Tait on Newsboys

The cover and tracklisting for The Chariot‘s upcoming release, Wars And Rumors Of Wars, made it’s way online this week. View album details for The Chariot.

You can get all of the rest of The Chariot‘s music at The Chariot

Hip-hop artist KJ-52 posted the latest in his ongoing Video Devo series entitled “Get Ya Feet Dirty..”. Watch KJ-52′s Video Devo #28.

You can buy KJ-52‘s music on KJ-52

A Plea For Purging were featured on AP Magazine’s website this week. Read about A Plea For Purging.

You can get APFP‘s music on A Plea for Purging

The finalists in Abandon Kansas‘s music video contest were posted this week. View and vote on finalists for Abandon Kansas’s contest.

You can find Abandon Kansas‘s music on Abandon Kansas

Copeland have updated thier tour dates page with ticket info for their tour with The Paper Route and Brooke WaggonerView Copeland tour dates.

You can buy Copeland‘s music on Copeland

DJ Andy Hunter recently did a podcast/DJ mix over on Follow the link and they will have a place to download the podcast. Its an hour long! Download Andy Hunter podcast/DJ mix.

You can find the rest of Andy Hunter‘s music on Andy Hunter

Solo artist JJ Heller posted the latest in her ongoing series of video podcasts. This time featuring Phil Wickham..Watch JJ Heller video podcast.

You can get JJ Heller‘s music on JJ Heller

Solo artist Alisa Childers of the ZOEgirl did an interview for Read Alisa Childers interview.

This Providence gave a video interview on Fueled By Ramen’s website, and it made its way online this week. Watch This Providence interview.

Mute Math posted an audio interview they did with Rock Band. Listen to Mute Math interview.


  1. E. Andrew says:

    Amen to Flyleaf recording another album. I’d love to hear some new material. I’m at the point where I listen to their self-titled album for nostalgia purposes…

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