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Kate Miner
Genre: Worship
Sub-genres: Rock, Folk-Rock, Singer-songwriter
Location: Southlake, Texas
Label: Floodgate Records
Christian label: yes
Category: The Spiritual whats this?

ESPN is running another of their silly special series where they select the Mt. Rushmore of sports for each state.  But, if I were to name the faces I would carve into my Mt.Rushmore of worship music artists the first face I would carve into the mountain side would be Kate Miner.

Kate Miner has a huge voice that she uses to great impact on her soaring pure, rock oriented worship anthems.  She employs the beautiful tone of her singing voice to bring intimacy to her soft worship poems. Kate Miner’s worship music possesses a raw emotional transparency that brings worshipers to their knees. Kate’s worship music leaves behind any traces of the pop country/jazz/easy listening 70s sound that has pervaded much of the praise & worship style since the early 80s.  When Kate Miner rocks, she rocks hard.  However, the real beauty of Kate Miner’s worship music is the quiet she brings to her ballads that demands stillness from her listeners.

We were visiting my son.  He had been touring with youth camp ministry “Wild Week” and we had not seen him in a month.  We rushed into the sanctuary to see him before one of our favorite worship acts Among Thorns started the service.  He excitedly ran up to us and said “I am glad you are here.  There is a guest worship leader playing with Thorns that is blowing everyone away.  Her name is Kate Miner.  She came with only her husband and the Thorns are begging to be her back-up band.”

A few minutes later a small blond stepped-up to the mic with her acoustic guitar and magic began to flow from the speakers.  Big soaring vocals fueled worship anthems of love and honor for God.  Then I saw the lyrics for the chorus of “Carry Me”:

I am human; I am spirit

I am bound though I am free

Bound by earth though I’m not of it

Carry me

Though the music was loud and drums were thundering, I was whisked away to an intimacy with God that is the only true test of quality worship music.

Kate Miner has sung with Tonio K, Pierce Pettis, Christopher Williams, Michelle Pillar, Randy Stonehill, Mark Heard, The Choir, and FunderburkMiner. She was on stage with Mark Heard at his final Cornerstone concert one month before his sudden death . In 1992, Kate Miner was named Female Acoustic Artist of the Year by the National Academy of Songwriters.

Kate Miner was a rapidly rising star in the Christian music scene.  By 21, she had a recording contract with Word Records and a co-publishing/development deal with Sony Music Publishing.The road to further music business success and celebrity stretched ahead and was seemingly hers for the taking.

Then, Kate Miner walked away.  She couldn’t help noticing that her involvement with the worship music at church was becoming more meaningful and gratifying than anything offered by the music industry. God was pointing toward a specific purpose for the talent He’d given her, and though reluctant at first, Kate Miner would ultimately refer to this new career focus as “the reason I was born.”

Kate Miner and her husband, David served as worship music directors for the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Malibu, in California, for several years.  Then, in 1999, she began releasing independent cds.  Kate Miner has since released six cds independently, selling over 50,000 of each without national distribution.  In 2005, she released a worship masterpiece on Floodgate Records, Prodigal Martha.

Kate Miner is bringing a level of artistry to worship music that is equaled by only a few.  She sings strong, direct, no-nonsense worship songs, straight from the heart.  Buy her cd’s, all of them and step into a rousing experience of redemption, grace and mercy.

I must end this post with bad news.  Kate’s daughter, Olivia, informed me that Kate has walked away from her music.  This is a great loss for modern worship music.  We wish Kate the best and I encourage all of her fans to pray for her.

We can still enjoy the blessing of the worship music God delivered through Kate.

You can find her Prodigal Martha and Live From the Strip at iTunes

Kate Miner

If you want to hold a cd you can get these titles from Amazon

Prodigal Martha

Live from the Strip

Look for the others at used CD stores or on eBay.


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