Free MP3 Album Download: Tooth & Nail 2008 Sampler


*NOTE* This compilation seems to be gone. The link is broken…don’t be sad though…because there is a whole new comp for 2009

YES! I know that this is from 2008. I get it…old news blah blah blah

But look at the track list:

  • Children 18:3 – “LCM”
  • The Classic Crime – “Abracadavers”
  • Underoath – “In Regards To Myself (Live)”
  • Capital Lights – “Outrage!”
  • Ivoryline – “Be Still and Breathe”
  • Sever Your Ties – “Captive”
  • August Burns Reds – “Composure”
  • Secret and Whisper – “XOXOXO”
  • Oh, Sleeper – “Vices Like Vipers”
  • Inhale Exhale - “I Needed A Spaceship (Instead I Got Problems)”
  • Destroy the Runner – “Mr. & Mrs. Cuckoldom”
  • Emery – “The Party Song”
  • MxPx – “Shut It Down”
  • The Becoming – “I Cry”
  • Anberlin – “The Haunting”
  • Demon Hunter – “Storm the Gates of Hell”
  • Once Nothing - “The Dust of A Town”
  • The Famine - “Scar the Earth”
  • Advent – “Blackout”
  • The Chariot – “And Shot Each Other”
  • Soul Embraced – “Curtain of Deceit”
  • Showbread – “The Pig”
  • Search the City – “Son of a Gun”
  • Family Force 5- “Fever”
  • Run Kid Run – “Captives Come Home”
  • Far-less – “A Toast To Bad Taste”
  • Norma Jean – “Robots 3 Humans 0?

Understand why I wanted to put it up now?  This is a good starter kit for those not familiar to the Christian punk/hardcore/rock scene, so I hope you enjoy it.  A little treat for the weekend, including The Chariot. You know, that band we just posted a profile on. No? Well go read it, our profile on The Chariot. Then go download this sweet sampler…

Click on the link below, save the.ZIP file to your computer, EXTRACT ALL FILES, and enjoy!

Download Tooth & Nail/Solid State sampler


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