Free MP3 Album:House Of Heroes-The End Is Not The End EP


So we usually don’t do these on Tuesdays, but as of right now, Amazon is giving away a 3-song EP from House Of Heroes to partner their full length album release today, and I don’t know how long it will be available.  Its essentially a sampler of the full length, so if you wanted a chance to preview the album, here is your chance.  To get the tracks you have to download the Amazon Mp3 Manager. Its free, so no worries, and then the tracks will sent to that program, but you can then play them through whatever jukebox program (Itunes, Windows Media Player…Zune..ick) you have.  I (Ian) would suggest that you have this Manager program on your computer, because Amazon does free stuff a lot, so it will helpful to have it.

You can buy the rest of the band’s music digitally on House of Heroes

The link below will take you to the Amazon page with the free EP. Hope you dig it..

Download The End Is Not The End EP from House Of Heroes

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