Ian’s Thoughts from SXSW Interactive


I am rounding out my fourth day at SXSW Interactive, and there has been one prevailing issue that seems to be coming up over and over again. Well, two actually, but the second I am not as concerned with.

Passion, and Twitter

Almost every session I have attended here has harped on passion. Being revved up and excited about what you are doing.  This seems really funny to me that people would have to remind themselves about this. I mean, if you are writing a blog, just stop writing if you don’t feel like it, right?

It then occurred to me that I am lucky to do what I do. You see, a lot of the people here are on the net in some form or another for the sole purpose of making money. Their are guys here who only blog about blogging. I am lucky because I realized that, like so many of the artists we show you guys everyday, I have something better to work towards.  We are a company, so we want to able to make a living off of this, but the core motivation behind this site is you. The person reading this right now! We want to share with you the incredible music that God has put in our lives, to give you a chance to find the music you love that helps you live your faith.  I don’t need a pep talk in passion to get excited about that. I’m trying to pass the passion to you.

Twitter is another thing all together……

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