SXSW 09 In The Daylight: Whole Lotta Hip-Hop


Our last day at SXSW started around 1PM at The George Washington Carver Museum. There, we saw a collection of some of the best in Christian hip-hop. Lecrae, Kaboose, Braille, Tre9 and many more hit the tiny stage at a rapid fire pace to a very excited crowd. The problem was that even though we got there close to an hour before the show was supposed to start, the theater was already at capacity, and there were no signs of that ending before the emcees hit the stage.

By chance though, we ran into Tre9, a hip-hop artists himself, but also the creator of DASOUTH.COM, and also the organizer of the event. He quickly was able to help us and only took us back stage to watch the show, but introduced us to all the artists playing the event. Thanks alot man..


You can check out Tre9‘s music on Tre 9

I couldn’t get pictures because of where we were, but I will tell you that both Kaboose and Braille tore the stage up.


Kaboose is a big lovable guy who just gushed on the crowd in between his lighthearted but extremely complex blend of hip-hop. He talked a lot about the meanings and thoughts behind his songs over his fifteen minute set, allowing the crowd to see his heart along with his talent.  Don’t hear me saying that his music is lite though, the tracks he played off his latest CD, Excuse Me, sounded like they were defiantly testing the theater’s speakers for capacity.  Kaboose is a SOLID hip-hop artist with a lot to give, and this show displayed that he loves giving it.

You can get Kaboose‘s music on Kaboose

A quick transition saw a white dude in a jumpsuit, carrying a helmet, wander on to the stage, and announce his name was Braille.


Braille is one of those guys that you hope keeps making music because you know that there isn’t anybody quite like him.  He has this strange manner of speaking that makes him almost charming on stage.  His music is serious in nature, and he is obviously a talented guy, but it was the little things like talking about his family and asking the crowd to help him drive his imaginary moped that will stick with people after the show is long over.  He gave me one of his CDs,  a recent colab with fellow artist Symbolyc One called Cloud Nineteen, and if it as anything like his show, I know I am in for a treat.

You can get that album, and the rest of Braille‘s stuff on Braille

We spent the next hour interviewing Tre9, Lecrae, and Kaboose, and left, unfortunately, before we could watch the end of the show. We came back over to the Austin Convention Center, and no sooner had I begun to write this post, Rootbeer began to play in the next room!


If you read my post on the show we saw Friday, you know what to expect. Unlike the show at Troubadour, the boys seemed to be working the crowd a lot more. The place was pretty empty at the beginning, but by song two people were rushing to the front of the stage, dancing, and singing along. The boys did a great job, and the crowd was eating it up.

You can get Rootbeer‘s EP on Rootbeer

From here we are going to be hitting a few more late shows (including a solo Pigeon John), and then SXSW is done for us.  If you are up real late tonight, check us out, because will have our final update from SXSW 09.

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