SXSW 09 Show Round-Up: Rootbeer


Day three of SXSW music had gotten me down a little bit. I was tired and a bit sore from walking all over the place in the heat. I know I know, I’m from Texas, whats the big deal? I should be used to the heat. Well let me clue you in, its not the heat that’s getting me, its the pants. The cool thing about working on an internet business is that you can dress how ever you like to work, so I haven’t been in long pants for more than a couple of hours in the good part of six months.

All this to just say, I was beat when we made our way down 6th ST to find a venue called Troubadour and meet up with Flynn Adam and Pigeon John (better known as Rootbeer) to do an interview.


The interview went great: coffee was drank and Jesus was discussed.

We wondered around for a bit, but made our back to Troubadour to see the guys of Rootbeer do their thing. And oh, did they do their thing.


There were only a handful of  people in the place on the first song, but by the end the place was packed. Rootbeer just tore the place down with their lighthearted blend of party hip-hop. They were backed by a drummer and percussionist, and it really worked sound wise for the duo. The beats just hit way harder and meant more coming from a live drum sound.  The boys hopped and danced all over the tiny stage, looking like they were having the time of their life.  The thing is that these guys arn’t just giving in to happy abandonment, these are two emcees that KNOW what they are doing.  What may looked silly and off the wall to some is actually a well seasoned stage presence that knows how to give people their money’s worth.  Hands down, Rootbeer deliver. They will make you laugh and want to jump at the same time.

After the show, I wasn’t as tired, that’s so weird….


You can get Rootbeer‘s music on Rootbeer

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