SXSW 09 Show Round-Up:Brooke Waggoner & Paper Route


Alright, day two of SXSW Music under our belts and we are feeling a little tired and sun burnt (at least I am), but feeling good beyond that.  We didn’t have a whole lot show wise until night time, so we didn’t even arrive downtown until noon.  What we saw at 6th and Red River was, well….


You see, in Austin, there is this little place called Emo’s, and every year they have a huge show that is free to the public around SXSW time. This year the headliners were A Day To Remember, Whitechapel, and one of our bands, The Devil Wears Prada. This pic doesn’t quite get it, but lets just say that there were riot cops there…

We did various fun stuff until around 7PM, when we went to see a band that all our research had pointed to being a band of believers, The Rosebuds.

Well, we were wrong. Sorry about that folks, we make mistakes too. Their music was great, but the language used from stage made it so we just can’t feature them on this site. So…my bad… by the way, did you know that Grammatrain and Frodus are not Christian bands? I didn’t…

Anyway, the great stuff happened late. Chuck and I hit Maggie Mae’s, and met up with the amazing Brooke Waggoner.


We got some time to get an interview out of her, and she was more than courteous. Brooke, if you are reading this, thanks for being so cool.  the real treat however, was her show that started around 11.

img_7233 img_7267

Brooke is simply an amazing song writer and musician. She played with no form of percussion at all, but yet was able to captivate the audience with every new song.  There is no denying her talent after watching her play the piano, but it is in the delivery that she excels.  She and her team are confident in their skills, but seem to always be playing their music like it was the first time they had heard it.  There was a moment during a long instrumental part that I caught a moment you rarely see anymore. As the music was building and Brooke was just killing the keys, she seemed to stop just playing and surrendered to the music. For a moment there was no one else in the room but Brooke and the sound. It was over too soon, but the crowd was able to bully the sound guy in to allowing Brooke to play an extra song. Her show was truly a blessing.


You can get Brooke’s amazing music on Brooke Waggoner

Right after Brooke  on the same stage was the electro-indie rock band Paper Route.

img_7275 img_7279

Wow. I was blown away by these guys. I hadn’t really listened to them away from what Chuck had shown me, but I have been missing out. First of all, these guys use a lot of equipment. Tons of keys, pedals, and drum machines round out the bands full live band set up. From the first note they were working the crowd over. Their music was high energy and interesting, giving you enough of what you wanted without ever letting you know what was next.  If you ever get a chance to see these guys, do it, because it will not disappoint. Great great great show..


you can buy Paper Route‘s music on Paper Route

Thats it for today, hope we are helping you keep up with what is going on. Check our schedule for Friday, and we will see ya out there!!


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