SXSW Thursday- Day Parties


We did not have any Christian music artists playing until tonight so we decided to spend the afternoon exploring, soaking up the sights and sounds of SXSW in the daytime. Ian and I walked the main SXSW thoroughfare, 6th Street, and scoped the scene.  Ian came upon a huge crowd that we discovered was drawn by free hard core shows.  So we decided to divide and conquer.  He will report on his adventures separately.

My first stop was the Sounds of Australia party.  Free tacos, yum.  I listened to  Dappled Cities, a psychedelic pop band.  But I needed to move on.

Then I came upon  the NPR Live Podcast party at one of the coolest club in Austin, The Parish.  This is one  of the hottest parties at SXSW and the lines were epic.  You can download podcasts of the shows recorded at SXSW on  I saw one of the hippest bands around today, Thao With The Get Down Stay Down and they were fun.  As I was walking out I noticed a poster that struck me.


Evidently one of the coolest, hippest clubs in Austin, one of the coolest, hippest towns in the U.S,. hosts a church on Sunday mornings.  It is even cooler and hipper when God makes himself known in all of the peculiar places.

Moving on down 6th street, I stood in line for the Paste Magazine party, day two.  When I got inside to the overcrowded club I found a good place to watch Austin icon Daniel Johnston,  After an hour, I learned that the show schedule was jacked up and we did not know when or where D.J. would be playing.  Oh well, I had to move on and get to the work of growing One21music.

The trade show sponsors “Indie Village” where indie record labels sit at tables to meet bands and industry insiders, like us.  The first table I walked up to was Black Box Records.  As soon as I explained One21music to them, the owners handed me a sampler from Shad The Old Prince, a Christian rapper on their label.  We will check it out for you.

I met several other people including Brendon Mulligan of artistdata.  They provide a tool to enable musicians to simultaneously update multiple websites with band updates.  As we began to talk about one21music he revealed he had been the manager of The Fray (check out our profile of The Fray), before he started artistdata.

It is amazing how God’s presence is everywhere.

As I was wandering around I saw some old guys dressed in Devo costumes


Wait a minute, if they are just guys dressed in Devo costumes, why the crowds?  That is Devo!  Hmmm.

And finally, what is wrong with this picture?


Why didn’t he just put it in the front seat?

We have a full night, tonight.  First we are going to check out The Rosebuds.  We have an interview with Brooke Waggoner (our profile of Brooke Waggoner) before her show tonight and we will stick around to watch her and, then later, Paper Route (see our profile of Paper Route).

We will check in with you overnight to let you know how the shows were.

Check in later and we will publish the Christian music schedule for tomorrow.

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