SXSW Winding Down

Saturday is the last real day of SXSW.  Everyone heads home tomorrow, but there are still a ton of exciting shows tonight (see SXSW Schedule for Saturday). But before we strike out on out on the Saturday night adventure, I have some final thoughts from SXSW 2009:

  • I am still buzzing about the thunderous, apocalyptic roar of Wovenhand.  I was up until 4:30 this morning writing my review of the Wovenhand show.  I assure you nothing I could have written would paint the picture of what we saw last night.  They are headed to Europe for a few weeks, so check their tour dates at the Wovenhand mySpace page.  Do not miss a chance to see this amplified roar of worship.
  • We spent the afternoon with a collection of hot rappers at the SXSW Holy Roller Rapper event in East Austin.  Tre9, Kaboose, LeCrae, Braille and the rest of the crew are  a great bunch of guys who are being belittled and marginalized for rapping their faith.  Good for you guys.  The pure at heart and brave in spirit will be persecuted.  Endure for your rewards will far surpass the indignities you encounter.
  • Best quote of the week came from Pigeon John, “If God wants to talk to you, He will make you cry.”
  • It is a jarring transition to go from the Interactive festival where everyone walks around with their laptops open, typing as they walk, to the music festival where people say to you, “Yeah dude, we will check it your website in a few days when we get on the Internet”.  People live in different worlds in this country and I am grateful for diversity. Music at 3d sound headphones are the best and I am enjoying the festival more.
  • We have been happily surprised by the Christian music artist’s shows at SXSW.  We thought we knew this music pretty well but Anathallo, Brooke Waggoner, Dignan, Seabird, Paper Route and certainly Wovenhand were all better shows than we could have imagined. See all of our SXSW show reviews by clicking on this link.

    Anathallo at SXSW


    Anathallo Pounding Percussion @ SXSW

  • It is encouraging to see God glorified in the midst of this worldly event.
  • It is impossible to truly capture the SXSW music festival with words.  It must be experienced.  It is a sensory overload with music everywhere.  We have done our best to capture SXSW and we have had a good time bringing it to you, but we are not finished.  We have a few hours of interview video we will edit and post over the next few weeks.  So stay tuned.
  • I am really happy to live in Austin, Texas. First, it is just a cool city.  We stumbled upon this little business pictured below while walking to the Asthmatic Kitty party on Friday. Second, Austin is in Texas and Texans are nice and polite.  The lead singer of the New Zealand based band, The Renderers told a story last night about how she had run out of minutes on her cell phone because the customer service agent at her cell phone company could not understand her when she was trying to buy more minutes.  Two people heard her dilemma as they walked by and offered to let her use their cell phones and to help her get the minutes renewed.


    East Austin Oasis

My feet hurt and I am sleepy.  With all of that, I am excited to see the four Christian music artists shows we can reach tonight.    We will put up our thoughts before we go to bed tonight, but tomorrow we will happily take a Sabbath rest.

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