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One21music is at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive, Film and Music Festival.  Read about the significance of the media event at One21music Takes you to SXSW but it is big in the interactive world, it is big in the film world (dozens of premieres of mainstream movies that will be in your multi-plex over the next few months) and it is the biggest in the music world.

Today, tomorrow and Monday we will be at the Interactive conference/festival and, so mostly, you do not care.  But I have had a couple of moments that are highly compelling for what Ian and I are attempting to do with  Here is one.


We just finished a session with two of the blogging world’s icons.  Quite frankly, I don’t remember their names because I don’t read very much about technology and they were generally narcissistic brats.  However, they did say something that has me hooked.  One of their overriding themes is that you should only start a blog if your are obsessed about something and you have something interesting to say about it.  It said a lot, to me, about Underground Christian music and the artists who make it.

Underground Christian music artists are obsessed with their faith and their artistry give them a voice to express it in an exceptional manner.  That is why they deserved to be heard. The artists we love are not willing to compromise their voice (the artistry of their music) to the mainstream Christian music industry.  We have seen so many great, great artists (Sam Phillips, The Elms, etc.) leave the mainstream Christian music scene to pursue their voices.

I love that Underground Christian music artists (U2, Buddy Miller, etc) refuse to compromise their obsession for their faith in order to achieve success in the mainstream music industry.  Some, like U2 and the Fray, achieve great success.  Most Christian music artists (mewithoutyou, Danielson, Wovenhand) trying to make it in the mainstream music scene live on the fringe.

The combination of obsession with their faith and commitment to their voice, results in uncompromising music with uncompromising messages.  That is the music I am willing to commit my life to promoting.

One21music exists because these artists need to be heard.

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