Top 5 Music Videos Of February

We see a whole bunch of videos from a whole bunch of different performers every month. From now on, we will be posting our favorite videos from each month as we go along.  What we look for is not just a cool song, but a combination of a good song and some great visuals.  These are OUR picks, so don’t get offended if your favorite isn’t here; but feel free to let us know if there was something more deserving.

Enough with that, here are our top 5 music videos for February, 2009.

5. To Speak Of Wolves- This Light Stays on

Kind of an eerie, rustic looking video from a band I have never heard of before but am very interested in now.  Great metalcore shot very well.

you can get this song on To Speak Of Wolves - Following Voices - EP - This Light Stays On

4. Ivoryline- Days End

I love this band’s music, so I let them slide with kind of a vague video concept. Shows off the band and the song really well, just not quite sure whats going on here. Great song though…

you can get this song on Ivoryline - There Came a Lion - Days End

3.Haste The Day- Mad Man

Here is a great example of the exact opposite: I really am not much of a Haste The Day fan,but this video is way cool. They are preforming INSIDE an artist’s concept art….great idea, cool video, enjoy!

you can get this song on Haste the Day - Dreamer - Mad Man

2. The Quiet Company- Its Better To Spend Money Like There’s No Tomorrow Than Spend Tonight Like There’s No Money

Austin’s own The Quiet Company combine their blend of indie-rock with stop motion animation using the band’s members and friends. Good stuff..

you cant get this song because it aint out yet

1. Trip Lee- Real Vision

Great song, cool concept to the video, just an all around winner. I love how the words move around with the people’s mouths.  Do you have NO idea what I am talking about?  Then I guess you haven’t seen this video yet…

you can get this song on Trip Lee - 20/20 - Real Vision (feat. Tedashii)

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