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Crazy, crazy, crazy, that’s all that’s going on around here.  You can go look for yourself.  Chuck put up about 18000 American Idol posts, he continued his series on finances, I started a new series (Voices Of The Underground), which will kick off in full swing next week, along with a free House Of Heroes download, a best videos of the month post, and on top of all that, you may notice that we are now able to offer you direct access to the music we are talking about so lovingly through Itunes and Amazon!! I am tired!!  Oh yea, and we may have all gone to a midnight screening of a movie no one has ever heard of…  Well, anyway, things are good, our numbers are up, our work is hard, and our eyes are sleepy.  We are going to be planning our SXSW adventure today, so updates on that will be soon.

Here are some links to the news making waves in the Christian music scene. Let us know if we missed anything by hitting us up in that Contact Us box over there. Have a great weekend everybody..

Indievisionmusic.com is looking for a bunch of bands for tier latest digital sampler. This is a great way to get your name out if you are a local or unsigned band. Read about submissions to Indievisionmusc.com.

One of my (Ian) favorite Christian hardcore bands, xDeathstarx, broke up this week. No official statement why, but you can catch most of the band’s line-up in another band called Sleeping Giant.

You can buy xDeathstarx‘s music on Deathstar

Although no official word has been issued, Tooth & Nail day, a staple at Cornerstone Festival for almost 10 years now, will not be happening.  In its place is a new event call Reignite.  Read about Reignite at Cornerstone Fest.

Pop/screamo band Onelastcall called it quits this week. Read Onelastcall’s announcement.

Everlife posted an update from their European tour this week including videos and thoughts from the road. Read Everlife update.

You can get Everlife‘s music on Everlife - Everlife

Emo rockers Copeland announced a new tour this week with Brooke Waggoner and The Paper Route. Read about Copeland’s upcoming tour.

You can get Copeland’s music on Copeland

Indie rockers Lorien posted a big update including details on a new album, tours, and free downloads. Read Lorien update.

You can buy Lorien‘s music on Lórien

Relient K are going to make it into a few publications this week, so they posted a preview for fans. Read Relient K update.

You can find Relient K‘s music on Relient k

The Afters have lost their long time manager and friend to cancer. Read about The Afters manager.

You can find The After‘s  music on The Afters

KJ-52 posted the next installment of his ongoing Video Devo series.  Watch KJ-52′s Video Devo #28: Not Of This World...

You can get KJ-52‘s music on KJ-52

Solo artist Ruth Collins was featured on Popculturemadness.com this week. Read about Ruth Collins on popculturemadness.com.

Worship band The Glorious Unseen posted a video update from the studio where they are recording thier latest album. Watch The Glorious Unseen update.

You can get the rest of The Glorious Unseen‘s music on The Glorious Unseen

The Christian Manifesto reviewed Falling Up‘s upcoming CD, FangsRead review of Falling Up’s Fangs.

You can get the rest of Falling Up‘s music on Falling Up

South Pawl Records have signed pop/post-hardcore band Fellow. Read Fellow announcement.

Family Force 5 will be on the cover of AP magazine this month, so the band gave fans a preview. Read about Family Force 5 in AP Magazine.

You can check out Family Force 5‘s music on Family Force 5

Solo artist Mat Kearney was featured on USA Today’s website this week. Read about Mat Kearney on USA Today.

You can find more of Mat Kearney‘s music on Mat Kearney

A Plea For Purging‘s new video for their song “Malevolence” debuted on Altpress.com this week. Watch A Plea For Purging’s video for Malevolence.

You can get APFP‘s music on A Plea for Purging

Atmospheric rock band Raining And OK‘s practice space was overrun by snakes this week. They made a video if you want to see…Watch Raining And OK fight off SNAKES!

You can find Raining And OK‘s music on Raining and OK

Kyle Sweet, wife to Stryper frontman Micheal Sweet, lost her battle with cancer this week.  Read about Kyle Sweet.

You can get Stryper‘s music on Stryper

Chaotic art-rockers La Dispute posted a huge update including news about a new website, tours, and some special upcoming shows in thier area.  Read La Dispute update.

You can get La Dispute‘s music on La Dispute

The Chariot have launched a new website in support of thier upcominf album, Wars And Rumors Of Wars. Check out The Chariot’s new website.

You can find The Chariot‘s music on The Chariot

Former Tunnel Rats member Zane One announced plans to release her debut full length this week. Read about Zane One’s new CD.

You can buy Tunnel Rats music on The Tunnel Rats

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