American Idol Season 8- Disco Performances

Polyester rules!  Lace up your boogie shoes and jump on the groove train as American Idol Season 8 goes Disco.  Usually this is a disaster and, with no mentor, it is quite possible that our American Idol groove trains derails.   On the other hand, there are a few really cool disco songs that some Idols could latch onto and blow us all away (see our Disco Songs Preivew).

We are covering the Christian music artists competing on American Idol Season 8.  After a dramatic save of Matt Giraud last week, I have 3 of the 4 remaining Christians music artists at the top of my Top 7 Power RankingsKris Allen, Danny Gokey and Matt Giraud are 1, 2, 3 with Lil Rounds in 6th place desperately needing a breakout performance tonight.


Before I forget, don’t forget to check out “Idol to Inspiration” on Thursday night on GMC.  Check out the full details of this documentary of the Church’s influence on American Idol (see Idol to Inspiration).

Remember, two American Idol performers go home this week so tonight’s performances are vital.  Last week’s bottom 3 were Anoop Desai, Lil Rounds and Matt Giraud, but anyone could be at risk tonight.

American Idol starts now.  They review that great moment from last week’s save.  It was cool.  This is American Idol!

We are jumping in right off the bat.  Lil Rounds starts off singing Chaka Kahn’s “I’m Every Woman”.  She is working it out.  At least it looks like she had fun.  I wasn’t ready for that.

Randy thinks it sounded too wild?  Kara hated it.  The judges are just sending her home.  Simon says there was no originality and predicts she will go home.  She disagrees with the judges for another week.  Did you hear Lil’s family yelling at the judges?

Kris Allen is up second singing “She Works Hard for The Money” by Donna Summer.  His guitar, bongos and box, very interesting.  Kris is working it out again.  This could be a Top 20 hit today.  Kris Allen rules again.  This guy is a great musician.  Killer.

Kara loves the risk and she is right, it worked.  Paula is talking about shopping.  Simon thinks it was original and fantastic.  Randy is loving it.  Kris Allen is ready for the big time.  Amazing.  Kris Allen is going to win American Idol.

Danny Gokey is doing Earth Wind & Fire’s “September”.  It is a cool bouncy song.  He is blasting the lyrics and has a nice throw down bridge in the middle.  Great singing but a safe song choice.

Randy loved the arrangement.  The judges were worried about Danny tonight but they think he nailed it.  The judges are amazed at his singing ability. Simon didn’t see any star power.

Allison Iraheta is singing Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff”.  Did she cut her hair?  “Hot Stuff “as a rock song, brilliant.  She is beginning to even look like a superstar.  Wow, she completely just owned Donna Summer’s signature song.  Wow

Randy hates the arrangement and still thinks she blew it out.  Kara calls the vocal a 9/10.  Simon thinks it was brilliant.  I agree.

Adam Lambert with the biggest hair of the year.  He is singing “If I Can’t Have You” by the Bee Gees.  He continues his pattern of ballad then a shouter.  He had me until he started the screaming.  It was pretty good, the judges will pass out.  Is dad about to go surfing?

Yep, Randy starts the fawning.  Hot, brilliant, Paula is crying. Simon loves the originality and thinks the vocals were immaculate.

It looks like Matt Giraud is swinging for the fences with The Bee Gee’s “Staying Alive”.  This will even put him back in the game or he will go out in flames.  This is an updated, funkier version.  Matt can dance so losing the piano was a good choice.  Very good performance.  He missed a few notes but that was fun.

Randy did not like song or arrangement but loved the singing.  Kara liked that he brought the groove back and liked his dancing.  Simon didn’t like it.  I disagree with Simon that there was no originality.

Anoop Desai closes the night singing another ballad, but I don’t know what it is.  “Dim All The Lights” by Donna Summer?  He started great as a ballad but then the beat picked up and he gets lost in the song.  Great singing but so what.

Randy loves the singing.  I didn’t listen to the ladies.  Simon thinks it was mediocre.  I agree.

Overall, a great American Idol night.  The worst performances were as good as last week’s best, except “Falling Slowly”.  I will be back overnight to review the performances.  Check out the site when you get up in the morning.


  1. Kris was brilliant..bravo! Downloading that song for sure.

    Lil’s backup singers outsang her. I don’t care if she is a Christian she just has the worst attitude of any contestant I have seen on this show. Adam is so nice by comparision.

  2. Danny’s song was safe like you said..disco songs in their original context are so old hat to me, thats why I loved Kris and now Allison’s performance as well.

  3. I too thought the scream was unnessesary in otherwise subdued classy performance. So far this has been the best night of the year for performances.

  4. Matt had one of his better vocals of the year I thought. It will only keep him alive though if he outdoes Anoop..we will find out next…

  5. I thought Anoop was should be him and Lil that go. My order tonight is how I think the year will finish…..Kris, Adam, Allison, Danny, Matt, Anoop and Lil.

    Thanks for the usual great blogging!


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