American Idol Season 8- Top 5 Results Live Blog

Tonight will be a sad night.  Nobody deserves to go home.  The American Idol Season 8 Rat Pack show was phenomenal (see our Rat Pack Performance Review.)  The performances were great, the judges were great, Jamie Foxx was great, the fashions were great.  Everything worked.

Former American Idol winner Taylor Hicks will be performing his new single and this week’s most excellent mentor Jamie Foxx will perform with Natalie Cole.

We are covering the Christian music performers on American Idol Season 8.   Of the 10 Christian music artists who made it into the Top 36, six made it to the finals, all six made it the American Idol 2009 Tour and three are in the Top 5.  Danny Gokey, Kris Allen and Matt Giraud have shown themselves to be exceptional musicians and performers and all of them will have long careers in the music industry.  They have thrilled us week after week and it has been a joy to follow their journeys.

The results are up in the air.  As I said nobody deserves to leave after their performances over the last two weeks.  Matt Giraud, Kris Allen, Danny Gokey, Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert showed us crazy good singing skills and unrivaled artistry over the past few weeks.  But somebody must go.  Based on the support she has received over the past few weeks you would expect Allison Iraheta to be in trouble, but I think she bounces from last week’s bottom 2 finish and picks up some of Lil Round’s votes.  I think Danny Gokey, Kris Allen and Matt Giraud have deeply overlapping fan bases.  That could put them on the hot seats tonight.  Don’t be surprised to see two of those guys in the bottom 2.   Dialidol has the  voting too close to call across the board.  As I said, nobody deserves to go home tonight.

But let’s stop fretting and get to it.

Saw the end of Lie To Me.   Somebody committed a crime, everybody lied about, these liar detection consultants figured it out, crime committing dude goes to jail.  I just saved you a mind numbing hour.

Here we go!  The judges are looking for a winner and Jamie Foxx is looking for an artist.  Can everybody stay?

Over 47 million votes last night.  Don’t you know we are in a recession?  These votes cost money!

Simon agrees with me.  Everyone was good and last night was one of the best in American Idol history.

Another lame Ford video wastes my bailout dollars.  The group song is a medley of Rat Pack songs.  “I Don’t Mean A Thing” is one of the songs. ” I Got Rhythm” is another one of the songs. It was okay.

Okay we are back to couches.  Danny Gokey and Allison Iraheta had birthdays this week and we get video of the American Idols making cakes.  Insanity ensues as a food fight breaks out in the $100 million dollar mansion.  Danny gets the bill for $6,000 for cleaning up that mess.  I will take that gig.

Matt is up first and they move him to the right side of the stage.  Danny is called on next and they move him to the left side.  Allison is moved to the left side with Danny.  Hmm.  Kris is moved next to Matt.  I guess Adam will define the safe group and he stands with Danny and Allsion, but is moved over with Kris and Matt to form the bottom 3.  Shocks all over the world!  What is going on??

It looks like Allison has taken some of Lil’s votes.  I bet Matt goes home tonight.

I just rewound the dvr to watch the Adam moment again.  Did you see the look on Allison’s and Danny’s faces?  It looks like Adams coronation parade has hit a pothole.

Natalie Cole is singing a new song that sounds much like a Rat Pack song.  I am not a big fan of the adult contemporary Natalie Cole.

It is Taylor Hicks time!  I kind of like this song.  I am not sure I like his grinning, head nodding performance style but I like his singing.  He pulls a harmonica out and blows.  I like this.  Can I join the Soul Patrol?

Ryan sends Kris to the Top 4.  ADAM LAMBERT IS IN THE BOTTOM TWO!!!  I wish I had time to jump on some of the other live blogs.  They must be going bananas.

Jamie Foxx is up singing “Blame It”.  Let’s see Danny Gokey get in his face.  He is using that stupid autotuner.  He doesn’t need this stupid toy. I hate this.  I am not listening anymore.  Fingers in my ears, I am typing with my elbows.

Did Ryan say that this is  the number 1 song in America? yuk  Jamie Foxx said this was the most talented collection of singers he has seen in 10 years.  He is right.  It does not matter what happens tonight these guys are going to have great careers.

My heart is racing.  What is going to happen?  So here we go Adam or Matt?  Ryan is talking smack to Simon about being wrong in his judgment last night.  Adam is safe, Matt is going home.  What a shame.

Matt has had a roller coaster ride but he is a going to have a great career.  Good luck Matt Giraud we look forward to buying your records.  Keep your faith at the forefront of your music.

Buy all of Matt’s performances and last night’s great songs at iTunes:

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  1. woo hoo..Adam isn’t invincable! I almost picked him in a shocker in the EW contest..figuring it was the only way to leapfrog my way back in first place, but I played it safe with Matt. If daughtry can go 4th, Adam can go NOW!! I am now shocked..even the Adam fans at work weren’t thrilled with him this week..a lazy fan base equals a shocking result!

  2. that was great drama..Adam’s fans will vote hard now but he shows that he is beatable in the finals! matts fans will probably give a boost to Danny and Kris to boot!

  3. ella says:

    I was so freakin rejoicing when I realized Adam was in the bottom three! He’s so overconfident now that he needs some reality check that his victory isn’t at all certain.


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