American Idol Season 8- Top 7 Results Live Blog

What is going to happen on American Idol tonight?  I think Lil Rounds or Anoop Desai is going home tonight.  Lil struggled again and Anoop delivered his best performance but it was still a little boring.  However, dialidol has everyone but Danny Gokey at risk.  Take that Entertainment Weekly, BuddyTV and MTV.  Nothing will surprise me.

Before we get to American Idol, have you seen the Susan Boyle from Britain’s Got Talent?  We have gathered the video and some commentary in our article Dreams Come True.  If you have somehow missed this, and you want to see Simon melt, go check this out.

Last night’s show was pretty disappointing (see our movie song live blog and our movie song review articles).  Kris Allen was the American Idol performer to take a chance and, like he has done for most of the season, he scored big.  I am starting to think that Kris Allen should win American Idol Season 8.  He looks like he can be a big star, all indications are that he is a great musician and I think he could make the American Idol machine work with his preferred music style.  So, he probably will not win, but he should.  Most everyone else was all right, but they didn’t do anything to advance themselves as artists. Disappointed!

Jennifer Hudson and Miley Cyrus perform tonight.  Internet chatter says the performances are taped.  Why would they do that?  Both of these singers are seasoned live performers, the American Idol band is great and we deserve some really great J.Hudson singing chops.  When does the Lakisha Jones CD drop?

Great intro with Quentin Tarantino.  He says he knows who is going to leave?

The tour dates are up on

The Idols are rocking “Freeze Frame” in the Ford “my tax dollars are paying for this” video.  The group number is lipsynching “Maniac” from Flashdance.  Did Allison just shove Simon?  Go girl!  Battle of the frontrunners.  Did Danny just do his Adam Lambert impersonation with a little hair metal scream?  Amazing they keep playing Adam and Danny off of each other.  This would have been better if Paula would have done that crazy Flashdance dance with the leggings.

The American Idol performers went to the 17 Again premiere last night.  How cool. Yep they went directly after the show because they were still wearing their competition outfits.  Oh thank you for explaining to me we should go to the 1,000th telling of this story.  One of the actors said this one is really funny.  Okay.

Let’s get down to business.  We start building with Allison Iraheta and she may be at risk, but she is safe.  I had her in my bottom 3.  I didn’t have Adam Lambert in the bottom 3. I was right he is safe.  Is anyone shocked?  Here is another one I have in the bottom 3, Anoop Desai.  He is in the bottom 3 again.  It does not seem to matter how well he does.  He can’t escape the risk pool.

Jennifer Hudson time.  How ironic, wasn’t she eliminated from the Top 7?  She is the the artist that made me start watching this show.  She is singing “If This Isn’t Love”.   Okay, she is singing live.  I am happy.  I love this woman, as a performer of course.  This is what the American Idol contestants are shooting for.  I am happy about a results show performance for the first time the year.  Just great.

Who is going to join Anoop in the bottom 3, Lil, Matt or a surprise?  Let’s see.  Kris Allen better be safe, but Lil Rounds not so much.  Simon took a chance to say Kris was brilliant.  Yes he was.  Kris is safe.  That’s right.  Lil Rounds is in the bottom 3 again.  Matt Giraud and Danny Gokey and Matt looks like he expects to be in the bottom 3.  He is probably right.  Randy takes a chance to praise Danny.  Matt Giraud is in the bottom 3 again.

Matt Giraud, Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai are the bottom 3.  Kara thinks it is the right group and I agree.

Anoop is safe?  Lil and Matt are the bottom 2.  This isn’t right.  The judges may save Matt.

Miley Cyrus is here promoting her new movie and she is singing live.  What language is she singing in?  I don’t understand anything she is saying.  She looks cute and is singing well, but I am a little confused.  I heard a few english words.  Something about being strong in an uphill mountain?  Oh, it is the “Climb”.  Well the good thing about this, we don’t have to worry about her forgetting her words.  And I like her.

Simon says he would consider saving one of the bottom 2 and it would be a surprise.  How is that for a tease?  It looks like we are going to lose another Christian music artist tonight on American Idol Season 8.

It is time.  Who will we say goodbye to?  Matt Giraud is singing for survival.  Lil rounds is safe.  The first real upset of  Season 8.  Interesting, he is toning down the arrangement.  I don’t know, this is pretty good. Is he earning the save?

They saved Matt and the other Idols are thrilled.  Matt is crying, the Idols are cherring and the audience is going crazy. This was fun. They have now saved Matt Giraud twice.

Next week two people are going home and next week is Disco week.  Ugly.  Way to go Matt!

Tomorrow morning you can download the full studio recordings of last night’s performance at iTunes

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  1. I was glad they used the save on Matt! He is truly talented. Now he gets at least one more shot.

    Of course, if a shocker happens like Danny or Adam are voted off, it’ll be tough luck for them.

  2. JerseyGirl4U says:

    From the beginning the judges and then the public wanted Lil to be someone else (Fantasia, Mary J) but Lil is Lil. Once she stops trying to please everyone and says “This is me – I will not change.” then she will be just fine – on Idol and especially beyond Idol. ;-)

  3. chuck says:

    I think Lil is an incredible talent, but she is very raw. I think she will be terrific once a producer/manager takes over her career and teaches her to pick and arrange songs. I expected her to struggle with arrangements. I have been surprised at how much I have not liked her singing the last few weeks. I am saddened by the obvious frustration she is expressing. I told my wife, that Lil should call Syesha Mercado from last season. If you remember, throughout the season she could do nothing right in the judges eyes. About this time in Season 7 she clicked. The judges still pounded her but she soared to the final 3.

    I am routing for Lil. I really like her and think she has a great future.

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