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I can feel it.  Something crazy is going to happen tonight.  American Idol’s “songs from the year of your birth” is going to be a night where dreams are made and hopes are dashed.  Tonight  Anoop Desai, Scott MacIntyre or Lil Rounds could stumble to their exit or create enough buzz to stick around for a few more weeks.  Matt Giraud and Allison Iraheta could reveal themselves as pretenders tonight or they could hurdle themselves into the Top 3.  Front runners Danny Gokey, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert could slip on their way to the Top 3 or separate themselves from the pack.  It is face off in the middle of the stage tonight on the American Idol Season Top 8 performance show.

At One21music we are covering Christian music artists performing on Season 8.  Tonight five of the final eight competitors, Kris Allen, Danny Gokey, Matt Giraud, Lil Rounds and Scott MacIntyre, are Christians making music on American Idol Season 8.  They will be joined by Allison IrahetaAdam Lambert and Anoop Desai singing songs mostly form the mid-80′s tonight.  See my Birth Year Songs Preview to laugh at my song predictions.

This is the first one hour performance show so it should move quickly.  It will be tough for the judges to get all of the comments on the air.

We start with the American Idols on the stairs and what is up with black tonight?  Don’t they know it is the 80′s?  Sweet, baby pictures of the judges!  Who is that Lurch looking character on the front row?  I am afraid.

We start with Danny Gokey who will be singing “Stand By Me”, Mickey Gilley version, good choice.  It starts a little rough and I don’t like the Nashville orchestration at the first.  I think it is different than Mikey Gilley’s version.  Danny is so cool and comfortable as a performer.  He adds some riffing at the end.  Interesting but I don’t love it.

Randy and Kara hate the arrangement but love where he took it.  Paula thinks he set the bar very high.  I need to see this again.  Good commentary again from Paula.  Simon says great.  The commentary is abbreviated tonight.

Kris Allen sitting on the stools talking about his day at the beach.  Kris is singing  Don Henley’s “All She Wants to Do Is Dance”  Standing in the audience, his own personal mosh pit.  I think he is missing the point of the song.  His arrangement is super funky and I like funk as much as anyone, but this is a little light for me.  He sings it great, though.   A little bit disappointing.  It feels like he missed tonight.

Kara didn’t like it. The judges think the arrangement did not work.  Simon says indulgent and boring.  Randy is right, we lost Kris Allen.

We learn the story behind Lil Rounds‘ name, it was from her grandmother.  Singing “What’s Love Got to Do With It” by Tina Turner and what has happened to Lil Rounds?  The start is very rough.  She sounds like a lounge singer and she is off key.  I don’t like this very much.  Lil is in trouble and I hate that.

Paula thinks she missed and did not display herself as an artist.  Simon calls her a second rate Tina Turner and he is right, we have lost Lil Rounds.  Right Kara, she is struggling to make the leap from singer to performer.

So far, this is a rough start to the show.  I need to watch Danny’s again but Kris disappointed and Lil continues to struggle.

Scary dude in the front row is in Fringe tonight.  Beware.

They are making Anoop Desai grovel in front of Kara because he was a naughty boy last week.  He is singing “True Colors” by Cindy Lauper.  Once again pretty vocals from Anoop, but something is missing. What is he singing about?  Is he feeling anything or is he just singing.  Am I in a bad mood?  Ho hum.

Randy loves it? Kara thinks he interpreted the song with soul.  The judges love it. Even Simon. Not fantastic but good.

I said tonight could be a minefield and, by my count, we have three casualties out of four performances.  I looked at the songs Kris and Anoop sang and talked myself out of predicting them because I did not think they would work,  I wish I had not been right.

Scott MacIntyre is up singing “The Search Is Over” by Survivor and he is wearing a guitar.  Yep, Scott has dug into the dregs of 80′s music.  I don’t like this at all.  I am sorry Scott, I like you but this is a bad song sung badly.

Kara tries way to hard to be nice.  Paula gives him credit for stepping away from the piano but nobody talks about his singing.  Simon suggests he go back to the piano and, thank you Simon, the song is horrible.

Allison Iraheta used to talk too much.  Is that a surprise?  She is singing “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt.  Could be good.  Perfect song choice.  Nice slow start with great phrasing and here she goes lifting the middle on her husky voice.  Really nice, she controlled the pace of the song and she did not over sing. Nice comeback.

Paula complimented the tenderness of her singing tonight.  Simon agrees about the song but tells her to lighten up.  Randy compares her to Kelly Clarkson.  All the judges agree, she was really good tonight.  Allison is back.

Matt Giraud did stand up as an angel in the church pagent.  He is doing Stevie Wonder’s ” Part Time Lover”.  He throws down with his falsetto right from the start.  Very funky, nice dancing, this may be Matt’s  best performance of the year.

Randy calls it vocally one of the best of the night and the judges are going crazy.  Standing ovation and incredible from the judges.

Adam Lambert sings in overtime.  The show is supposed to be over now so we are infringing on “Fringe”.  Adam is singing ” Mad World ” by Tear for Fears.  He sings  on a chair bathed in blue light.  For the most part he uses a well controlled falsetto only screaming once.  Very well done.

The judges are flabbergasted.  Simon gives him a standing ovation.

I will go back and watch the performances again and give you my assessment over night.

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  1. Danny was great as usual..but why..WHY! doesn’t Adam EVER get to go in the lousy #1 slot!?!

  2. What I don’t get is they ripped Kris for messing with the arrangements ..but rip Lil for not messing with the arrangements. I agree with the critique of Lil. It wasn’t a great song choice for Kris either but I thought he worked it out. Danny is far above the rest. Is Anoop singing true colors next? what a snooze fest that will be.

  3. I’ll give Anoop credit,,,he sings ballads nice. I liked his version better than Cindy Lauper’s.

  4. I’m glad Allison sang those lyrics instead of a Christian performer. She was one of the best tonight. I actually was a huge survivor fan but scott ruined it for me.

  5. Matt..lousy lyrics for a believer again..he sang it well but like Let’s Get It On not a song I could sing in front of my kids.

  6. Debbie says:

    Jim, you are right. I am sittlng with Chuck as he does the live blog and I just looked up the lyrics for the song Matt sang. We didn’t realize what they were. Poor choice on his part.

  7. Shoot..Adam was the best of the night. Thanks for agreeing with me Debbie. My kids watch the show with me so I am always aware of what they are singing. I’ll have my wrap up later too. I think scott and lil are in the most danger but Kris might be in a little trouble going early. They would save him I am sure.


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