American Idol Season 8- Top 8 Results Live Blog

I told you. In my Birth Year Songs Preview I said last night’s show would be a minefield and it was.  I am afraid that Scott MacIntyre may have ended his American Idol Season 8 run.  Lil Rounds and Anoop Desai may have permantly damaged their chances.  Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey probably solidified their place in the American Idol Season 8 Top 3.  Kris Allen fell back while Allison Iraheta and Matt Giraud rebounded to create a three way race for the final spot in the American Idol Season 8 Top 3.  See my full analysis in the Top 8 Performance Review.

Before we get to the results show let’s reflect on the 5 Christian music artists who have made it to the top 8 of American Idol Season 8Danny Gokey and Kris Allen, both worship leaders, have consistently delivered interesting arrangements and rousing singing performances.  Matt Giraud’s mad falsetto and R&B skills have enabled him to deliver some of the best performances of the season.  Lil Round’s huge voice has thrilled us.  Scott MacIntyre, a true music genius, has captured the hearts of America and the American Idol judges.  Other than a couple of sketchy song selections by Matt, this group of young artists have represented our faith with joy, discernment and humility.

Recap of Lie To Me.  The mayor did it.  She lied. They caught her.  They told how they knew she was lying.  Face!

Yes, whose dream is on the line?  This is American Idol Does it seem Lil Rounds is about to break?  Flo Rida in the house and Kellie Pickler.  Are they doing a duet?  Paula is wearing creepy rubber nurse nightmare gloves.  I agree with Randy, last night was a little disappointing.

Okay Paul Anka just showed up a surprise guest!  he is singing the number one song form Simon’s birth year, “Venus”.  Did Bananarama cover that song?  Okay, so it is Frankie Avalon.  They all look alike.

The group song is “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” from 2002, the birth year of American Idol.  Icky song.  Bad choreography.  Yuk, make it stop.

Kris Allen is on the bottom of the DialIdol predictions.  I think they are wrong, that would be a travesty.  Regardless, the judges would have to save him.  Let’s get to the results.

But no, first we are getting a Ford video documentary.  We don’t like the commercials why do we care how they are made?  I wouldn’t spend my money on these videos.  Hey, we are spending my money!  Stop it.

Results, now.  Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and Anoop Desai up first.  Adam is safe, shocker.  Kris Allen is safe, take that DialIdol.  Anoop Desai is back in the bottom three.  It is bad when you have two good weeks and they both land you in the bottom 3.

This new movie, 17 Again, hasn’t that story been told, every year since I was born!  How about a new idea Hollywood?

Ryan is up on the balcony so that must be Flo Rida is up.  Who is this guy?  I kinda like this. It is kind of hoppy and fun.  Where do the judges go during the guest performances?  Isn’t that kind of rude?  Flo Rida is done?  Does that mean no Flo Rida Pickler duet?  Disappointed!

Back with more results.  Any surprises?  Danny Gokey up next and he is safe.

Matt Giraud, I don’t know, but he is safe after Ryan really jacked with him.  Scott MacIntyre, he must be in the bottom 3, and he is.  First time in the bottom for Scott.  Allison Iraheta and Lil Rounds revealed together.  One of them gotta be there.  Tonight it is Lil Rounds in the bottom 3.  What I thought.

Simon says that he thinks the save matters this week and there is one they would consider saving.

Bottom 3: Anoop Desai, Scott MacIntyre and Lil Rounds.

Here comes Kellie Pickler.  I think she is funny but I am pretty sure I don’t like her music.  Yep, not so much.  Time to find out the results.

Let’s send Lil Rounds back to safety.  Time to live up to your promise from last night.

Anoop Desai and Scott MacIntyre standing in the middle of the stage.  Only 30,00 vote separate these two. It looks like Scott is singing for his life tonight.  Are the judges really considering saving him?   He is singing pretty well tonight.

The judges are split.  I thought this had to be unanimous?  Simon decides to pass.  Scott MacIntyre is gone.

More than any other American Idol, I think Scott MacIntyre is headed for bigger things.  On to your destiny, Scott MacIntyre.  Paula says he has been an inspiration and he is a unique and gifted artist.


  1. I got burned with Dialidol this run of being in first place out of 9000 on EW is now over by picking Kris. But that doesn’t matter..I am thrilled that Kris isn’t in the bottom 3 on a bad week. That means he has a huge fan base. I think dialidol was wrong with Kris before too. I think he gets a lot of text message votes from dreamy eyes girls that don’t show up on dialidol.

  2. Kellie’s first CD had lots of great songs..this one doesn’t and it was reflected tonight. As long as Taylor Swift is her best friend she will always have an opening act job.

    Ryan is really messing with people tonight. At least I have Anoop right for bottom 2.

  3. Congrats for getting the bottom 3 in perfect order Chuck. This was a tough week to do it. You are now only behind me in the myccm contest. I let everyone get closer to me this week.

    We are down to the best 7 singers, whatever happens from now on will be based on week to week performances.

  4. Jason Simpson says:

    I think it is interesting that you give Matt a hard time about song choice (content), but you enjoyed the flo rida song.

  5. chuck says:

    Thanks for your comment Jason. I can see how my comments may seem inconsistent. Three thoughts to clarify:

    1) We are covering Matt as a Christian music performer and, while we would not ask Matt to perform inspirational songs, we would hope that the music he performs not conflict with his Christian beliefs. We are disappointed that Matt, a Christian pursuing a music career, has chosen two songs that romanticize illicit relationships.

    2) We 100% expect secular artists to not share our values and perform songs that do not reflect our beliefs. As such, it would be silly of us to hold secular artists to the same lyrical standards to which we hold Christian music artists.

    3) With that said, we believe that all of us, as believers, should employ a high level of discernment when selecting music. I know nothing about Flo Rida, so if the lyrics to his song were inappropriate, I apologize that my comment sounded like an endorsement. It was not, it was just a comment on his performance.

    Once again, thank you for the comment. We are very sensitive that we help believers find music that reflects the Christian worldview of faith and hope without leglism or judgement.

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