American Idol Season 8- Top 9 Results Live Blog

I said I wouldn’t but I can’t help myself.  Yes, I will live blog the American Idol Season 8 Top 9 results show tonight. I am a live blog addict. I need help.

Are we going to see our first shocker tonight?  Will the judges be forced to use their “save”.  I think Matt Giraud is on the cutting block tonight and I don’t think the American Idol judges will save him.  However, there are several sites on the Internet suggesting that Allison Iraheta is in trouble. If Allison is voted off I think the American Idol judges will be forced to use the “save” Despite what many hope, I will be shocked if Meagan Joy goes home tonight.  See our American Idol Top 9 performance review.

David Cook and Lady GaGa will perform tonight.  David Cook should be okay.  I did not know Lady GaGa (girl or group?) until I just saw a blurb about her (girl) on Entertainment Tonight.  I am not sure I will enjoy her perorfmance but we will wait and see.

The time is now so let’s get us some results!  Well maybe not now.  Let’s wait an hour so Fox can present the show with an asterick Lie To Me*.  See you in an hour.

That was a wasted hour.  Lie To Me is funny, but I don’t think it is a comedy.

The just went through a montage of last night and they did not include Kara’s reference to Studio 57.  Jason Castro and Alexis Grace.  They were happy that 36 million people voted.  They are making Kara apologize to the audience for arguing with them last night.  Keep up with Adam!  Did American Idol just set Adam Lambert as the standard to judge the others by? Oh my gosh!

The Ford commercial used that whole face mixey uppy thing that Michael Jackson did 15 years ago.  The Top 9 are lip synching Journey’s “Don’t Stop” and they are letting Scott MacIntyre pretend he is playing the piano.  Will Adam Lambert do his hair metal scream?  Almost, yep, there it is.  Adam delivers the same old thing.

Back to the results?  Ryan has his results stand out.  Ryan, they are not singing for their lives.  Alexis Grace is proof that there is no firing squad behind the set.  Girls are swooning all over the country as Kris Allen goes through his photo sexy faces.  I can hear girls screaming up and down the street.

LOLOLOL! at Gokey’s impersonation of Giraud.

No more laughing.  Meagan Joy, Matt Giraud and Kris Allen are the first three up to the far side of the stage.  Then Ryan calls  Adam Lambert, Lil Rounds and Allison Iraheta to the center of the stage.  Is everybody going home?!   Anoop Desai is by himself.  Three groups of three.  Who is in the botom 3?  We must endure Lady GaGa first.

No, first we get David Cook.  I like David Cook.  I liked him all year last year.  This song is a little slow.  This song is a little bland.  I am glad he is having some success. I hope he will be able to break out of this soft rock straight jacket.  But the drummer is having a really good time.  At least the boy can sing.

David Cook get his first platinum album.  Congratulations David.  I like him more everytime I see him.

Who is in the bottom 3?  Kris Allen up first and he is safe, go sit down.  Matt Giraud is safe.  Ryan did one of his mean misdirection things.  Mean Ryan.  Megan Joy is the last of her group and she does a stupid bird impersonation to the bottom 3.  What was that?

To the next group and Lil Rounds and she is safe to sing only Mary J Blige songs in the future.  Allison Iraheta is up next and she is in the bottom 3.  Of, course Adam Lambert is safe.   Meagan quit with the bird dance.

Next group and first is Danny Gokey, who is safe.  The last spot in the bottom 3 is to Scott MacIntyre and Anoop Desai. Scott is safe and Anoop is on the bottom 3.

Anoop, Allison and Megan, the bird lady, are our bottom 3.  We wait until after Lady GaGa to find out the results.

Lady GaGa is number one on the charts.  She is showing some chops but the song is a little weird.  Is that bubbles or balloons in her piano?  This song is okay.  It is dance pop with a lot of dancers and a big sound. Better than Britany Spears. That was pretty crazy.  Old zipper eye is pretty wild.

Allison is safe.  Good.  She does not deserve to be in the bottom Two.

Meagan Joy was voted off.  Will the judges save her.  They told her she will not be saved before she sings.  Thank you, at least she can finish her last performance with dignity.

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Way to leave Meagan Joy. Good luck on your future.


  1. I got the bottom 3 right. All the Christians are also safe!

    I love david cook’s CD..that is was of the most bland songs on there though.

    I thought GaGa was a midget at first!

  2. Oh..that is Megan’s Rockin Robin chirp..even though robin’s don’t caw!

  3. I hate when the judges have no intention of saving you and huddle around..this week was more respectful.

    The happiest people are the wife of Kris and Matt’s girlfriend. They no longer have to worry about Megan going around the house in a bikini near the hot tub!

    I hit the top 2 hot run continue’s!

  4. Michael Sarver talks about how singing in church gives him his soul in part 3 of his interview on Idolatry:,,20007164_20174011,00.html

  5. Stephanie says:

    i thought kris’s faces were kinda silly. lol. the impressions were funny and i liked the impresion of danny too. i was wondering if the bird thing was for her little boy to see? ya, the zipper was wierd, but i loved the piano. :)

    i am a fan of megan , and i loved her exit, her happy song made my day,

  6. chuck says:

    I think Meagan has potential, if she is willing to go for it. I did not realize how inexperienced she actually was. Check out the Top 8 power ratings for a little more on Meagan.

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