Christian Artists To Know: Paramore


Genre: Rock
Styles: Post-hardcore, Power Pop, Punk
Location: Nashville, TN
Label: Fueled By Ramen
Christian Label: No
Category: The Light whats this?

It has been almost five years since the pint-sized powerhouse known as Paramore bust onto the scene. Combining post-hardcore with pop-punk and rock, this female fronted phenomenon has taken over the rock scene they grew up loving. They have a talent for not only writing good progressive rock songs, but then partnering them with frontwoman Hayley Williams soulful lyrics, making their music stand out in a rock scene over run with empty words and recycled melodies.

The 2007 MTV Music Video awards were the usual parade of plastic pop and badly done hip-hop. Around the middle of the show, Paramore performed their hit single “Misery Business”. They got points of being about the only performer that night that did not lip-sync, but it was amazing to see how easily they commanded the crowd.  They were the stand-out performance against Kid Rock, Rhianna, and P!nk. The band rules any stage they step one, and a national broadcast on the biggest night of the year for MTV, nothing changed. Paramore took over.

It is amazing to think that these guys (and girl) only hit the scene a few years ago, but Paramore formed when most of the members were still in high school. After gaining a huge local following, the band signed to Fueled By Ramen, hit the road an never looked back. The band’s music is a combination of what At The Drive-In would sound like if they wanted to be more pop, and Taking Back Sunday if they wanted to be more progressive.  Most of their songs are heavy to a point, lending to the band’s on stage presence, but the heaviness never moves past inaccessibility.  Hayley’s passionate lyrics and powerful voice soar over the music, telling tales of loss, matters of the heart, and urgency.

The band’s faith has always been on the top of interviewers and fans minds. The members are all believers, and while their music doesn’t speak directly all the time about their faith, the humbleness in which the band operates and the subtle spiritual undertones of their songs speak more than their desire to be a “Christian band”.  Despite this, two songs from their latest release, Riot!, spoke very openly about the struggle and hope of a life with Christ. One of these songs is “Let The Flames Begin”, recorded here in 2008 (watch till the end, its just awesome).

One their all time stand out tracks is “Pressure”, taken from All We Know Is Falling, performed here by the band for MTV in 2007.

I actually got to meet these guys right before the release of their second album, Riot!, in 2007.  The guitarist (Josh) and I talked for a long time about the band’s faith, the touring schedule, and music in general. Hayley appeared shortly after, and not only is she the smallest human being I have ever been around, but she also tried to steal my dog. I had my six-month old puppy with me outside the show, and I let her hold him for a second, and I looked up just in time to she her sneaking onto the bus with Emo (that’s my dog’s name, I have another one named Thrash, don’t judge me). It was joke of course, but that night my wife and I became full on Paramore supporters. These are four genuine, talented people who are getting to live their dream of making music, and in the midst of that letting God do His will through them. What else could you ask for?

You can get Paramore‘s music digitally on Paramore and Amazon

You can also get the band’s CDs on Amazon:
All We Know Is Falling
The Final Riot!


  1. chuck says:

    It is so nice to see really hard music played with singing instead of screaming. I like this band and the video for “Let The Flames Begin” is amazing, especially the end.

    Paramore played Austin City Limits Music Festival last September and were asked why they do not refer to themselves as a Christian band. Hayley’s response was something to the effect that they remember Christ’s reaction to the merchants in the temple and do not want to use God for commerce.

  2. tyler h says:

    the post hardcore part is a joke, right? i mean…right? and i still can’t figure out why taylor is not officially part of the band yet. i hope the new album comes out soon and is awesome.

  3. ian says:

    nope, no joke, they fit in with the likes of Taking Back Sunday, Further Seems Forever, and Ivoryline, who all fit that genre… and they are heavier than the pop rock bands out there. And they arnt punk, so thats were they are at…

  4. CrazyCarl says:

    So I have been eyeballing this band since they came out and they still never cease to amaze!!! Like chuck, HI CHUCK, I am a huge fan of the singing. I dont know how to describe her voice other than to say, I am glad its not like many other pop artists (boys and girls) that is just high pitch and nails on a chalk board. I am holding my breath for their next album

  5. Michael Ownby says:

    Ian, what’s your take on the lyrics to Brand New Eyes (the album)? Lines like “The truth never set me free so I did it myself.”

  6. ian says:

    it might be more about Religion than faith, I always took that line to mean that Hayley had to go out and figure her own stuff away from her upbringing, as we all have. But then again that is my interpretation

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