The One21 Interviews Kaboose


Kaboose is a hip-hop artist on Syntax Records. His latest album, Excuse Me, was released last year and is the highest selling album for the label. He deserves it, his songs are diverse and creative, dealing with serious subjects but never losing his caring and intelligent personality in the midst of serious hand-banging hip-hop party tracks. Despite his success, the Native American emcee is a humble and warm character, full of excitement and passion. He took the stage on our last day at SXSW 09, and sat down to talk to us afterwords.  In the video above Kaboose gives some incite on how he got started, what he loves about his job, and just shares his heart. Enjoy!

Here is the video for Kaboose‘s favorite track off of Excuse Me, “Goin’ Outta Control”

As always you can get Kaboose‘s music digitally on Kaboose
You can also buy his CDs on Amazon:
Excuse Me


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