The One21′s April Showers Playlist

Every month we will be making a playlist for you guys to download on iTunes and Amazon. The songs and artist are hand picked, most of them will be appearing on the site this month for one reason or another.  Our intention is allow you to experience new music made by believers, recommended by us, The One21.

This month we are rolling out a pretty diverse group, with Sufjan Stevens, Bradley Hathaway and Doug Burr providing some great indie folk songs, while As Cities Burn and Project 86 bring their intelligent takes on heavy music.  Paramore and Eisley show that girls can rock with the boys, and Brooke Fraser blow you away with her stripped down atmospheric pop. Also in the mix of it we get two great experimental rock artists in Mute Math and the legendary Jeremy Enigk.  We encourage you to get the whole mix, ten songs from ten different artist meant to help you feed you mind and heart.

Here is the track listing for our April Showers iMix:

1. Eisley- Many Funerals
2.Doug Burr- In The Garden
3.As Cities Burn- Empire
4.Bradley Hathaway- Look Up
5.Mute Math- Spotlight
6.Paramore- Let The Flames Begin
7.Jeremy Enigk- Been Here Before
8.Project 86- Stein’s Theme
9.Sufjan Stevens- Casimir Pulaski Day
10. Brooke Fraser- C.S. Lewis Song

Click on the link below to go to our iMix:

The One21 Music April Showers iMix

Also all month long, the music player below will be in that side bar over there. This will allow you to listen to preview clips of every song, and if you are an Amazon user, you can buy the tracks directly from the player.  We are just trying to give you all types of ways to get this music! Go ahead, click play, and enjoy

DONT FORGET, if you ever want us to make a mix for YOU, just let us know..


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